Pack and prep your own move day kit for the first 2 nights after your move

Many people are scared of moving and therefore often procrastinate dealing with their relocation which can make it all the more complicated–and even scary–when moving day arrives. With proper planning beforehand and professional help on moving day, you can ease your relocation burden when the time comes.

To make moving easier for you and your family, Divine Moving & Storage is here to alleviate your worries and concerns by making the physical relocation a breeze. We’ll even help coordinate with your building(s) to ensure that your transition is a smooth one.

While Divine tries to take care of everything moving related for you, there are a few things we recommend clients do to make their relocation easier on themselves and their families.


  1. Start a ‘Move File Folder’ on your computer or in your home to save all receipts, papers, and estimates related to your move.
  2. Create a budget for moving expenses.
  3. Contact your insurance companies to notify them of your move and see if there are changes that need to be made for your new policy.
  4. Start collecting estimates from moving companies–including your free moving quote from Divine Moving & Storage!
  5. If you have children, arrange to transfer school records and contact the new school.
  6. Start researching your new community. For example, if you know you need to get your suits dry cleaned each week, find the closest one. If you know you’ll be cooking family dinner during the week, find the closest grocery store. If the kids take karate lessons, find the best studio between their school and your house.


  1. If you’re moving to a new city, begin compiling medical, dental, prescription, shot, and other necessary records for yourself and your family.
  2. If you’re moving to a new city, ask your doctors and medical professionals, attorney, and other providers for referrals for your new community.
  3. For those with four-legged family members, schedule a checkup with your veterinarian and be sure to get a copy of their medical and immunization records to take with you. Put these records into your Move File Folder.
  4. Gather together in one place copies of legal and financial records.
  5. Contact gyms, social clubs, and other groups or organizations to cancel or transfer memberships

“Easy” parking for moving trucks in Manhattan


  1. Reserve your professional movers by calling Divine Moving & Storage at 866.668.7666
  2. Begin sorting out items you do not plan to move to your new home. Purge your home by separating items into three categories: Keep, Donate, and Discard. Keep an eye to things you want your movers to take care of and things (like jewelry) that you will keep with you during the move.
  3. Start using items that professional movers will not relocate such as frozen foods, bleach, and aerosols.

Packing tips for your upcoming NYC move


  1. If you are packing yourself, obtain packing materials including boxes, packing paper, and tape (if you have any questions your Divine Relocation Specialist can diagnose your needs and even schedule a delivery so you can get started packing right away!).
  2. Start packing items you won’t need until you’re moved in and settled at your new house (for example, the second set of china or your voluminous book collection). For some expert advice on how to pack yourself, please see our Packing Tips page. If you do this a little at a time, you won’t be so overwhelmed as your moving date approaches.
  3. Clearly label the contents of each box and the room in your new home it is destined for to make moving day go smoothly.
  4. Go online and fill out a change of address for the post office (USPS) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Ask USPS to hold your mail at the post office in your new city until you arrive. (This can be done 2-5 weeks ahead of moving).


  1. Schedule dates for disconnection and connection with your local utilities provider. The following is a list of utility services to contact at both your origin and destination home:
  2. Electric ,Water, Gas, Telephone, Cell Phone, Cable/Satellite/Internet, Sewer, Trash Collection.
  3. If you have a lawnmower or other power equipment, drain them of oil and gasoline (this includes disconnecting gas tanks from BBQ’s and heating lamps). Moving companies will not move them if they are full or still attached.
  4. Cancel newspaper delivery and trash pickup effective on your move date.
  5. Notify your landlord of your intention to move. If you are moving from a high-rise, reserve the elevator for moving day. (NOTE: Divine will try to take care of this for you when we send in our insurance to your building, but many landlords require the resident to make the request themselves.)
  6. Make travel arrangements for your furry four-legged family members.
  7. Host a garage sale.


  1. Dispose of flammables, poisons, and corrosives that movers cannot ship with your belongings.
  2. Have your automobile serviced.
  3. Notify professional service providers of your upcoming move. These include:
  4. Accountant, Attorney, Doctor, Dentist, Financial Planner, Health Insurance Provider, Insurance Agent, Schools.
  5. Notify these services that you’ll be moving:
  6. Auto Finance Company, Bank/Credit Union/Finance Companies, Exterminator, Health Club.
  7. Home Care Service Providers
  8. -Lawn, Exterminator, Snow Removal, Home Cleaning, Laundry Service, Magazines, Newspapers and Newsletters, Monthly Memberships, Pharmacy.
  9. Notify these government offices that you’re moving
  10. City/County Tax Assessor, State Vehicle Registration, Social Security Administration, State/Federal Tax Bureau (IRS), Veterans Administration.


  1. Make a plan as to where you want furniture and other items to be placed in the new home. This will help your movers label items appropriately and bring them to the correct rooms in your new home during the relocation so that you never have to lift a finger on moving day (or after!).
  2. Make a list of all items that you will need to buy for your new home. (Professional Tip: We recommend disposing of all cleaning products because they often leak during transportation causing damage to furniture and personal belongings. Instead, dispose of it at your old home and buy fresh cleaning products for your new home. We recommend the same for your wine and alcohol collection: Better to throw a party and finish it all now than to never enjoy it if it spills and ruins your belongings in transit to your new home!).
  3. Confirm travel arrangements for family and pets.
  4. Plan meals to use up your remaining food and set aside any non-perishables or canned goods for Move For Hunger which accepts donations to feed hungry families in the tri-state area. Visit our Move For Hunger page to learn more.

Reliable movers in NYC – Last minute moves


  1. Confirm and review moving plan details with your Relocation Specialist. Call or email with any questions.
  2. Contact your bank or credit card company if you’ll be paying for your relocation by credit or debit card.
  3. Pack your personal luggage and any items you want to keep with you. Items include medication, makeup, toiletries, and garments you will need if your more is longer than a day.
  4. Fill any prescriptions you will need during the move.
  5. Empty and defrost refrigerator at least 24 hours before your move.
  6. For pet owners, make sure you have packed and ready to go enough food for your four-legged friend to cover the day(s) of the move plus one more to be on the safe side. If, for example, your move is delayed because of weather you’ll be glad you thought ahead.


  1. Let your Divine movers in and sit back and relax while we take care of the rest for you. The only thing we’ll ask you to do is point!