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Divine Moving’s New York Movers helps singles and families move with confidence. From commercial to residential, from cross-country to cross-town, Divine Moving has the best movers in New York that treats your things safely and with utmost caution. Client’s peace of mind is the company’s satisfaction.


Moving to other country, state, or town, for whatever reason you have, is likely laborious and exhausting. You need to transport almost all of your belongings – huge furniture and appliances to the smallest stuff you cannot leave behind to the new place you will stay. That is not to mention the additional hassles when moving with kids and pets.

Unless otherwise you only got few stuff that can fit into a single luggage (which is impossible), you have to seek for help from professionals specializing in helping families or companies move from a place to another. Countless movers have been providing help to families and companies moving out or in New York. To ensure a seamless process, trust only the best.

Divine Moving has been extending a helping hand to families as well as companies that intend to move in or out NY. Oh, sure that is the company’s job! Now, you probably ask why you would trust the company or what difference will you perhaps experience when you trust Divine Moving New York City Movers. The company and its team of expert movers give you the following:

  • Confidence – The Company gives clients the confidence to trust the company’s service. You are guaranteed with seamless moving and have peace of mind knowing that all your belongings are packed and moved without oversights or glitches. After countless years of experience assisting people move numerous different items at numerous locations, professional New York Movers are always ready to assist you.
  • Access to wide range of resources – Have you ever think of all the supplies needed for moving? Resources used may range from trailers, ratchet straps, shipping materials, trucks down to boxes. Unless you know where to get all of these resources, seeking the help of New York City Movers remains as your best choice.
  • Efficiency – Divine Moving understands the fact that moving can be the most time-consuming task. Not only that, wrapping and storing stuff also demands physical strength and patience. Professional Movers have been trained to handle and complete the moving process in a prompt way without compromising quality to make sure that clients can get into their new property in as short time possible.
  • Security – Divine Moving understands how important the stuff you entrusted to the company’s professional team of movers. Sure, all the stuff you intend to bring with you as you move in to a new place holds a meaning and is valuable. The team also understands the anxiety that is typically associated with leaving your valuables in the hands of persons you barely know. Nevertheless, the team of NYC Movers will work efficiently and fast to pack and move all your belongings while guaranteeing you that your possession’s security and safety will never be compromised. We recommend that you personally move your sentimental items or personal documents though.
  • Top-notch customer care – Right from the moment you give us phone call, to the process of moving in, you will be treated with utmost respect. Our team also upholds the highest level of professionalism. We ensure that our clients will be treated fairly, whether you are dealing with the professional mover or a customer service representative. Moreover, the team promises to answer all your questions accurately and knowledgeably.


New York Movers

Custom storage and moving services

Wrapping, packing, and transporting your belongings will definitely hurt your head and your back. You do not need to take all the hard work of moving in New York City, though. What is the use of the existence of our professional New York City Movers if we cannot help you move in your new place without any hassles and broken bone (packing and lifting huge objects sure will hurt your back and your bone)?

We understand- your mom told you when you were a mere child to not to speak to strangers but now you realize it is just fine to talk to them but not trust them immediately. It is indeed difficult to trust individuals you barely know but we guarantee that our team will prove that we worth your trust. The things you told us to take out of your place will definitely reach your new place – no less, no more. All will arrive at your new property with condition and shape it has prior to moving in.

We will handle your possessions with utmost care and precision. We can only claim success if we are able to give you peace of mind, confidence to trust our service, and satisfaction.

Highly Rated New York City Movers Offering Service that Fits your Budget and your Timeline

For years, our team of professional movers have already helped a huge number of families and even commercial owners to move in New York City in a hassle-free, easy, and seamless way. A huge number of individuals moving in have trusted the company because of various reasons.

Primarily, the company’s warehouses and offices are highly accessible. We also have state-of-the-art facility with installed smoke, theft, fire alarms, motion detectors, and continuous video surveillance offering 24-hour security. The best thing, we offer wide range of service. We do not just offer moving assistance but also storage service. Meaning to say, whether you simply wish us to pick your belongings up or want us to bring, wrap and pack boxes for you, Divine Moving will get you covered.

Need to move sooner? Just consult our team to determine the most cost-effective and efficient means to move. The consultation is free.

We take 100% Customer Satisfaction as our top priority

We believe that the company can only be successful if our team of professional New York Movers are able to make clients 100% satisfied. Hence, we do our best to give you the best moving service you deserve.