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Moving out of your college dorm room might not seem to be such a big job as, for example, moving your entire home. It’s only one room to clear out, no? But you might be surprised to see just how much stuff can accumulate in one room over a couple of years. So, if you’re moving out of your dorm room, especially if it’s on short notice, you’ll see how stressful it can get. The key for everything to go smoothly is to act fast and get organized. A professional moving company such as Divine Moving and Storage NYC can be of great help in these kinds of situations. But first, you’ll need to prepare for your move. Here is a list of important tasks that might help you through your moving process.

Make a timeline to prepare for moving out of your dorm room

It’s essential to estimate how much time you have for packing and making emergency moving arrangements. When you know exactly the time you have for getting everything done, you can set a time frame for every task. If you are going to do everything by yourself, it’s best to start immediately after you’ve found that you need to move out of your dorm room. Remember, even if you can’t afford extra time, there are still ways to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

man with sticky notes
Making a list will help you when moving out of your dorm room.

Sort out your belongings

Firstly, you will need to sort out all the items that are in your dorm room. Decluttering is crucial when it comes to moving. You will save space and money by packing up only the items that need to go with you. Throw away anything that is broken or no longer of any use. You’ll want to save as much space as you can. Make sure that you return any item that you may have borrowed from another student and that everything that belongs to the University stays in your dorm room. It might be a good idea to make three piles of these items, so the sorting out goes as fast as possible.

Make an organization list

Making a list in this situation is essential. You won’t have the time to make a thorough checklist with all of your items on it or take pictures to make inventory, but don’t worry about that. Instead, try to make an overall list of your belongings, grouped by categories. Your list for moving out of your dorm room might look something like this:

  • Clothes – including shoes
  • Dishes – meaning all plastic, ceramic, metal containers, and cutlery
  • Books – add any other reading material to this category
  • Cosmetics – make up, cleaning products, personal hygiene products
  • Other items of your choice – add other items you need to categorize to speed the moving out of your dorm room process.

It’s also a good idea to ask someone from your family or other students for help if they can give you a hand. You will be far less anxious about moving out if you transfer a task onto someone else.

Book a moving company to help with moving out of your dorm room

The most important part of moving would be to book a professional moving company on time. Since moving out of your dorm room is on short notice, it might not be easy to find available local movers NYC and that’s why you should think of hiring a full-service moving company if you can afford it. A lot of moving companies provide various services. This includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking.

moving truck
Finding a moving company on short notice might be tricky.

Don’t waste time doing research on several moving companies. You will need to act quickly. Hiring student movers NYC might be the best choice. Of course, you will need a reliable company, but your priority is to pick one that will be available on short notice. Setting up a moving date with your moving company will give you an exact amount of time you have to prepare everything for moving out of your dorm room.


If you need to do the packing yourself rather than entrusting that task to a moving company, the best thing to do is to focus on getting packing supplies. It’s a good idea to focus on essential supplies like boxes so picking out the supplies won’t take up much time. A good money-saving option is to ask a local supermarket or a big retail store for cardboard boxes.

cardboard boxes for moving out of your dorm room
Make sure to get enough supplies for moving out of your dorm room.

You won’t need moving supplies such as bubble wrap or packing paper if you pack smart. Put your more fragile items inside other items or wrap them around with your clothes. Another good idea is to get a lot of plastic bags. You will appreciate them greatly if it happens that you don’t have enough cardboard boxes.

Label your boxes

Make sure you label everything. This is a step you don’t want to miss even if you are moving out of your dorm room on short notice. Labelling boxes will make packing a lot easier for people helping you with packing. The process will go faster since they won’t have to stop and think about where to pack an item.

Additional tips for moving out of your dorm room

Moving on short notice can be really stressful, but you won’t be doing yourself a favor if you start panicking. Instead, take a deep breath, make a large coffee, and start the organization for moving out of your dorm room. Look for more tips on how to move quickly on the internet. Don’t forget you can always ask other people for help. Even if finals are just around the corner, someone will surely have the time to lend you a hand.



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