Packing Services in NYC

Packing Services

Full Service Strategies

As a full service movers in NYC Divine Movers offers you the peace of mind knowing that your move, storage or packing needs will be handled by our professional moving teams. We never outsource our customers every aspect of the move is done completely by us with our expert NYC professional movers.

Packing and Supplies

Divine Movers will handle all of your belongings with care our trucks are stocked with the top of the line packing materials like- peanut foam, bubble warp, clear and brown tape, moving blankets, stretch wrap, ink free packing paper, various size boxes for hanging clothes, dishes, mirrors and much much more.

Price Structure

All of our service can be done on an hourly rate basis or via a flat price binding quote (a home visit may be needed for this option). In NYC it is very likely that you will choose the hourly rate move option, our movers will do their best to complete the job as fast as possible without risking the level of service and quality.

Packing Services | Divine Moving & Storage

Our services start toll free. Call us to hear the most updated rates at (866) 668-7666