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Moving to Manhattan is usually a complicated procedure to go through. Moving to Manhattan from abroad is even more difficult. Obviously, moving to Manhattan is not going to go down the same way for two people. Especially so if those two people are coming from different backgrounds. By different backgrounds, we mean that one might have lived in Manhattan before while the other has not.

New York movers – 12 Tips For All Those Moving To A New Place

We don’t know whether we should congratulate you on shifting to another house or empathize with you because you have to go through the entire shifting process, but we can feel the excitement that you have in your heart. When you plan to shift to a new location, you search for the most wonderful New York movers that know how to give their helping hand when you really need one. Without the help of a moving company, it is not possible for you to shift to the new city or house without missing or leaving something behind.

If you are shifting to another location, you have to be extremely careful about the things that you need to shift along with you and your pet(s). Read below to know about the top 12 tips to remember and use while shifting to another location:

  • Don’t try to shift stuff on your own; you might break the most fragile items you have in your old house at the moment: The worst thing that a lot of people do to save money is pack the stuff on their own and shift them in their vehicle. First of all, your vehicle is not designed to carry heavy and fragile items in its backseat; secondly, New York movers are not expensive at all and hence you can easily afford them. It is good to have a professional touch to your moving process and that’s exactly what a moving company gives to you.


  • If you want to save money, pack strong stuff on your own and place them in your car: New York movers charge you according to the stuff you need to have packed, stored and shifted; if you think there are some items that you can shift on your own without having them damaged during the transferring process, you can easily pack and dump them into your car; this would let you save money. For the fragile and larger sized items, you have moving companies for your needs. Once you are done packing the strong stuff, the moving companies can shift the remaining items for you.


  • It is always advisable for you to clear all your bills at least two days before you shift to another location: Most of the people forget clearing their bills and their owners harass them later. If you have been living in a rented apartment, you can’t leave without paying your bills because even if you do, your owner has all the rights to call you up and tell you to clear your dues. Rather than disturbing your image, it is better to clear all the dues two days before leaving the house; it allows the owner to have a good impression about you.


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    Visit the new house once or twice before shifting so that you get along well with the kind of surroundings you will stay in: Only a handful of people visit their new house before shifting permanently. Visit your new house twice or thrice so that you find out about the new place and adapt to it.


  • Say goodbye to your old neighbors, even if they didn’t get along well with you: It doesn’t matter if your old neighbors didn’t get along well with you, if you know that you are not going to see them again in your life, it is good to bid them farewell. You are literally not coming back to your old house, ever, unless you have good friends in the same building. It is always good to talk to your neighbors, apologize if you have been a menace to them and thank them for the times they have stood up for you.


  • Discuss quotations pre-handedly with New York movers: No doubt New York movers are extremely good and the companies can be trusted because of their works and reputation in the market, you need to be very careful while selecting a particular moving company because some of the companies don’t discuss their service rates pre-handedly due to which you end up paying a lot of money. Don’t fool yourself by not discussing the rates pre-handedly; do that so that you know how much the company is expecting you to pay for the help it is providing you with.


  • Find out if the moving company agrees to move your pets for you, if you can’t take the responsibility: Sometimes, we find it difficult to carry our pets in our car because we are not used to traveling with them, especially driving with them. If you have a lot of pets and you want them to reach your new house safely, you need to find a company that shifts your pets for you. There are some New York movers that take the responsibility of your pets for you. Find such a company for your needs.


  • Check your house thrice before you leave: This is something that you have surely got to do because you would not want to leave anything in your old house, except for the good old memories. Check the safes, the wardrobes and the bathrooms in your old house so that you don’t have to come back for something that you don’t want to leave behind. Rather than checking the things only once, do it twice or thrice before finally closing the door of your old house, giving the keys to the owner and shifting to your new house.


  • Pack all your expensive stuff by your hands and keep them in your car, if you don’t find a trustworthy moving company: There are times when you can’t trust moving companies with the expensive items you have in your old house; we completely understand. Pack these expensive items on your own and shift them as you drive to your new house; do this on your own so that you don’t worry about it getting broken or stolen by non-trusting New York movers.


  • Handover all the keys to the owner of the house, if you were staying in a rented apartment: Before you leave your old house, don’t forget to submit all the keys to your owner, if you had been living in a rented apartment.


  • Interact with your new neighbors before shifting to your new house: This is one of the best things that you would ever do in your life; the reason we suggest you to talk to your new neighbors is so that you don’t feel alone or isolated in your new house. When you leave everything and shift to another city, you start afresh and hence you need to have at least some faces that can help you forget the memories of your old house and start with the new chapter of your life.


  • Talk to your loved ones about the moving companies they have hired in the past: If you have not found good New York movers yet and you need to shift within a few days, make a list of all those people, who have shifted to another location recently. You can call them up and take their help to find the best moving company according to your requirement.


Why Picking Home Movers in New York City is Necessary for City Living

NYC moving trucks
City Moving Trucks on a Manhattan Block

Living in the city has its advantages, but it also means it can get hectic when everyone is trying to move around at once. Here are some of the reasons it is necessary to use NYC movers when moving in the city. If you need home movers in New York see below:

  1. We Know Where To Go

While GPS and all that is great, navigating and finding locations throughout the city is what we excel at. One wrong turn and your move could become a lot more frustrating when you are doing it yourself.

  1. The Right Tools For The Job

Most people that live in town don’t keep trucks and lifts around. Trying to move large pieces of furniture without the right tools and experience can lead to injury as well as damage to your furniture. Home movers in New York City know how to get your furniture to your new location in as great condition as it was in before.

  1. We Can Help Get Your Damage Deposit Back

Moving items can damage floors and walls if you don’t know what you are doing or try to move large objects yourself. Our expert New York City movers will ensure that your move doesn’t cost you more money than it should.

  1. Delicate Electronics and Antique Handling

Moving fragile or sensitive items to another location carries some risk, especially when not packed properly. We are one of the best moving companies in Brooklyn for those that want to make sure antiques and electronics are treated with the attention they need.

  1. Trucks and Vans For The City

Our fleet of NYC office movers uses trucks and vans that can negotiate smaller spaces and move throughout the city with ease. We have enough capacity to move even larger offices quickly and easily.

  1. Storage At Your Fingertips

Not all New York moving companies offer the level of service that is found at Divine Moving and Storage. We can pack and store items for the length of time you specify if you want to take your time getting your new place arranged or if you simply have items you are not sure about using at your new location.

  1. Easiest Moves

Getting help when moving makes it much less stressful and easier to accomplish. For busy people in the city, a great mover is a must.

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storage tips

Many people are familiar with this struggle. They move into an apartment with a little bit of possessions, but then within a short time period they acquire a bunch of new items and are left with a crammed apartment. It’s a predicament that many of us fall victim to. We at Divine Moving have a staff of highly professional New York movers as well as a fully a serviced storage facility in NYC and believe us we heard it all. Whether you are starting to get too many collectible action figures or got a whole load of shoes, you are going to need to come up with some creative storage ideas to conserve space. We got you covered and are here to help. Add space to your apartment with these five storage tips.

Storage Tips

  • Monsters aren’t the only things under your bed…

    Depending on the size of your bedroom your bed probably takes up a lot of space. Yeah the bed is nice and all to sleep on, but unbeknownst to many the bed can store a lot of storage beneath it. If the bed is off the floor you can place shoes or items beneath it. You can also buy a new storage bed, with cabinets that slide out to put your clothes or possessions in.

  • Fit space into your dresser like a pro!

    You don’t know how many times we heard of a client getting new dressers that were not needed. I remember we came to one of our client’s apartment in Brooklyn to move some of his stuff to storage. He told us how he was getting a new dresser and with our expertise we decided to check his current dresser. We saw how his current dresser had clothes thrown in that weren’t even properly folded. We taught him a very space efficient way of folding and also implemented drawer dividers. After teaching him these couple of tips he came to a conscious decision that he didn’t need a new dresser.

  • Boxes, boxes on the wall, who’s the greatest one of all?

    Place and paint boxes on the wall for a unique way to organize books, vitamins and little knick knacks.

  • Use shower curtain hooks for book bags or purses.

    This is a great way to hang and store book bags and purses that take space elsewhere to a nice hanging position.

  • Milk every inch of your closet space.

    You can use more clothing rods, and even install shelves to break up everything in a neat and efficient manner.

Now that we gave you some tips to improve storage space we hope you go out and do something about your storage problem!

If you are ever need more help with storage in the NYC area then we are the company for you! We provide NYC Storage and moving at reasonable rates. Call us anytime at: 866-668-7666 or 212-244-4011

perfect time for a nyc move

Moving is an unfortunate hassle that many of us have to go through. The countless cardboard boxes, the planning and renting of the moving trucks are just enough to make your head spin. The most comfortable and optimal time for moving is usually right before or during Fall. This is the time kids usually start their new school year, and Fall for many is usually the unofficial start of the new year. During the fall many people plan to what they want to accomplish during the New Year and up-coming seasons.

The fall is the perfect time for a change and to make a move. Fall is the ultimate signaling of a new season taking place. The beautiful and vibrant colors of the leaves changing and the crisp scent and breeze of the air make fall one of the most enjoyed and beautiful months of the year!

Fall is the perfect time to move for plenty of reasons! First off, trying to move during the brutal extremes of the summer and winter seasons can be a nightmare. The summer is a problem for moving not only because of the hot and humid weather, but also because of the high demand of moving trucks, moving supplies and movers during the summer months. The summer is the moving boom and it can be difficult to reserve yourself a truck or movers for your specific move date unless booked for months in advance.

The problem with the winter weather is self-explanatory. Try moving into NYC or Manhattan during a winter storm and you are just asking for trouble! The slippery and icy conditions of the ground can be a problem, as can transporting the goods in the extreme cold. Trying to maneuver a moving truck in a busy city during the winter can really stink when you are trying to weave in and out of traffic from the cars and salt trucks. You are going to feel like Frogger the frog carrying your boxes to your new location trying to dodge dangerous and on-coming traffic!

The nice and cool weather of the Fall is the best climate to move. You have a nice breeze and beautiful scenery. After moving in a couple boxes you won’t have to worry about being exhausted and sweating like a dog in a desert. When you are moving make sure you get accumulated to the neighbors and also have your kids become comfortable with the change of schools. We don’t know the temperature around you, but moving into NYC during the Fall is a little cooler so you’d need to make sure you and your kids are bundled in a nice and light hoodie!

Now that we explained moving in the Fall we hope this article helped clear up a couple of questions or even re-affirmed things for you!

If you are ever moving into Manhattan or NYC and need New York movers and/or storage then we are the perfect moving company for you!

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