In the past couple of years, more and more people have left Big Apple. New York seems to be losing its inhabitants without getting as many new residents. People leaving New York happens for many reasons, depending on personal wishes and lifestyle. If you are thinking of leaving New York with expert Long Island movers, this article may help you make a decision. Look at the most common reasons people choose to move from NYC.
Having a new baby is challenging enough without making plans for relocation. However, people often don’t have a choice but to move to their new home with a baby. If you are moving with a newborn, take a look at the following guide. Here are some tips and tricks for enjoying a moving day with your newborn child.
Manhattan has everything a New Yorker needs. It is the city's economic and cultural center. So, why families move from Manhattan to Brooklyn? The truth is, both boroughs have their pros and cons. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, Brooklyn can prove to be a much better choice and here's why.
Are you unemployed or unhappy with your current job? You would like to land a decent job but you seem to be out of luck. You tried again and again and nothing seems to work? Life is not easy for those who look for a job. However, giving up is the worst thing you can do at this moment. Maybe you should just try a different angle. This article explains a few different approaches. So, hear us out.
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Packing Tip: To Fold or Roll Clothes When Moving?

When moving in New York City there is no doubt a lack of luggage space at times. That’s why it is so important to pack efficiently and utilize all available space. There are many available methods for packing a suitcase and for assembling a load of boxes to be able to move to a new home or apartment, but one of the most complicated packing items can be. There are two general methods of packing clothes, the most obvious being folding. The next is a little less obvious but is at times far more efficient, and is the rolling of clothes. This is the method used in the military, believe it or not, and is sometimes regarded as the most efficient way to pack clothes when moving.

Methods of Packing


Folding clothes has its own perks, but it is not the most efficient way when the most important thing is saving space. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is far better at keeping clothes from getting wrinkled and keeping them in prime condition. On a business trip, folding up the clothes for the suitcase is most likely a better option. However, when moving in New York City chances are that while folding may be the easier and more comfortable option, there may be better ways to go about assembling the clothes for the move if space is the most important thing.


While this method may be more unfamiliar to some, it has its advantages while moving in New York City, or anywhere else for that matter.  Rolling clothes is more efficient at saving space because when those T-shirts or blue jeans are rolled up, they are compressed and are able take up less volume. That means more of them will fit into a box or suitcase than a mover ever thought possible. For that reason, rolling clothes is considered by many to be a better option for packing for a move. If this option seems preferable, it is really very simple. Simply fold the article of clothing in half, and if there are sleeves fold them as well. At this point, roll it tightly and until It resembles the shape of a thin tube. Now it’s ready to be stacked I the suitcase or box with the other clothes of its type. When getting ready for a move, the important thing is to keep things as stress-free as possible. If that means using less space, it is recommended that the rolling method is used. If space is not an issue and there are plenty of boxes or suitcases, then the more traditional method of folding the clothes can work as well.

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perfect time for a nyc move
Moving is an unfortunate hassle that many of us have to go through. The countless cardboard boxes, the planning and renting of the moving trucks are just enough to make your head spin. The most comfortable and optimal time for moving is usually right before or during Fall. This is the time kids usually start their new school year, and Fall for many is usually the unofficial start of the new year. During the fall many people plan to what they want to accomplish during the New Year and up-coming seasons. The fall is the perfect time for a change and to make a move. Fall is the ultimate signaling of a new season taking place. The beautiful and vibrant colors of the leaves changing and the crisp scent and breeze of the air make fall one of the most enjoyed and beautiful months of the year! Fall is the perfect time to move for plenty of reasons! First off, trying to move during the brutal extremes of the summer and winter seasons can be a nightmare. The summer is a problem for moving not only because of the hot and humid weather, but also because of the high demand of moving trucks, moving supplies and movers during the summer months. The summer is the moving boom and it can be difficult to reserve yourself a truck or movers for your specific move date unless booked for months in advance. The problem with the winter weather is self-explanatory. Try moving into NYC or Manhattan during a winter storm and you are just asking for trouble! The slippery and icy conditions of the ground can be a problem, as can transporting the goods in the extreme cold. Trying to maneuver a moving truck in a busy city during the winter can really stink when you are trying to weave in and out of traffic from the cars and salt trucks. You are going to feel like Frogger the frog carrying your boxes to your new location trying to dodge dangerous and on-coming traffic! The nice and cool weather of the Fall is the best climate to move. You have a nice breeze and beautiful scenery. After moving in a couple boxes you won’t have to worry about being exhausted and sweating like a dog in a desert. When you are moving make sure you get accumulated to the neighbors and also have your kids become comfortable with the change of schools. We don’t know the temperature around you, but moving into NYC during the Fall is a little cooler so you’d need to make sure you and your kids are bundled in a nice and light hoodie! Now that we explained moving in the Fall we hope this article helped clear up a couple of questions or even re-affirmed things for you! If you are ever moving into Manhattan or NYC and need New York movers and/or storage then we are the perfect moving company for you!

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dorm move-in nyc

Summer is winding down, football season is just around the corner and it is almost that time. What time? Back-to-school time. This is the time to begin getting your dorm move-in checklist together, and to contact your local moving company, especially if you will be more than a car-ride away from home. Whether this is your first experience with dorm move-in day or you are a seasoned pro, read our helpful tips to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

Tips for Your Move

Mind your work (paperwork)

Prior to your dorm move-in, your university will send out a lot of paperwork. Some of it will be promotional in nature, but much more of it will detail the things you need to be aware of during move-in day. Things like move-in dates and times separated by everything from status (freshmen-senior) to last name are meticulously listed in this paperwork. Are you supposed to unload in a certain area? Is there are designated place for parking during move-in day? Will there be university sponsored move-in teams to help your child get settled or will they need to arrange their own local moving company? These questions and more are detailed in the pre move-in paperwork.

Get Organized

If you have made this move once or twice before, then you might be tempted to just sling everything into the back of your car, get on the road and worry about unpacking later. However, unless you are packing light, that is a bad idea. Making multiple trips to your car to retrieve loose items can get time consuming and tedious. Instead, organize your things with storage bins and labeled boxes to make your NYC dorm move-in a breeze.

Bring what you need

Surely, you will show up to university fully equipped with the necessities. Money for books, pens, paper, folders, a laptop (If you have one. If not, there are computer labs), etc. But, do not forget the stuff that makes you, you. For incoming freshman, the year will bring about a lot of changes. This is especially true if your dorm move will be your first time away from home or first big move. It is an exciting time and naturally you may think of leaving the “childish” stuff home. But, bringing things like childhood teddy bears, blankets or other sentimental trinkets can ease the transition and provide comfort during the times you are homesick. If you do not want to leave your childhood items out in the open, you can always use your storage bins to keep them out of sight.

Get crafty with tools

Some dorms are like swanky hotels that are so luxurious that you will be positively inspired to decorate. Just kidding. They are usually little more than bare bones canvases waiting for your personal touch. Since it will be your home away from home, don’t be afraid to get crafty. Hang a few pictures or posters of inspiring quotes. Put up a cork board or whiteboard. Grab a toolbox and get going to make your dorm room a your own personal retreat. Don’t forget to inspect your room to make sure everything is in working order when you move in. If you find anything broken or missing, be sure to inform your RA or front desk staff immediately. And finally...have fun! Remembering these small tips will make a big difference for your New York moving experience.



One of the hottest places to live in the United States is New York, of course! Being a local moving company, we at Diving Moving have explored every corner of the city. Here we have compiled a detailed list of where and why these destinations are the best neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Best best neighborhoods in manhattan


Often written as TriBeCa (an anagram-matic combination of the terms  The triangle below canal st  is consistently ranked among the neighborhoods with the highest quality of life, and for obvious reasons. It has the lowest rate of crime in all of Manhattan, next to Nolita/Little Italy; however, in terms of its intangibles, it pulls far ahead from not only Little Italy, but indeed from the rest of the pack, coming in as one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Within its borders are located three separate universities, an endless, beautiful waterfront, and apartments in converted industrial buildings that would meet the dreams of every hipster. Notwithstanding, the concentration of celebrities is enormous: seeing characters such as Jay Z and Scarlett Johanson walking by on a daily basis is pretty normal. However, Tribeca is exorbitantly expensive, and consequently it remains a quality match for only those of us that can already afford a yacht.  

Lower East Side

In one statement, epitomizes New York. In the daytime, it serves as a major restaurant destination, with some of the biggest names in culinary arts residing in the area. After sunset, though, Lower East Side shows its true colors: it transforms into a bustling nightlife mecca, with raging dance clubs, live music, and attractions such as the Bowery Ballroom. Throughout the area, contemporary art museums are prevalent, and an active community of artists, musicians, and performers reside here. Apartment rentals are reasonably priced, the shopping options are eclectic, and the nights are long. Come here if you are looking for a good time, stay here if it looks like this is where you want to start a new life.

West Village

Fascinated with 18th century Italianate and Romanesque Revival architecture? Looking for an artsy, small-town feel in the biggest city in the United States? We've found the place for you. West Village is best known for its confusing, off-the-grid streets and its over 2,000 historical buildings, but there's more to life here than simply history. Its intimate and residential atmosphere, combined with its high concentration of artists and parks, makes this a faultless location to raise a family. And if one may be worried about seeing a few hippies stumbling down the sidewalks at two in the morning, don't be: they're part of the charm.


Yes, we know it's a surprise, a tiny neighborhood eponymously named after the beautiful private park it surrounds, possesses the highest ratio of trees-to-people outside of Central Park. Composed largely of Victorian townhouses, Gramercy is an isolated wonderland: if someone can afford it to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Two bedroom condominiums can range around $6,500 a month to rent, and let's just say the average income is well above the national, or even the Manhattan average. A friendly, fashionable resort, live in Gramercy if you're looking for a respite from the daily bustle of the New York  commute. Once you decide on the right NYC neighborhood, give your local moving company, Divine Moving, a shout. We're the pros that will make your New York moving experience as smooth as possible.