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Using a storage unit can bring many perks. Whether you are relocating home or simply looking for more space, it is a good decision for sure. But the question is – how to pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan? There are several ways to look for a unit and a few requirements you must meet. Or better to say, your unit must have certain perks for you to rent it in the first place. Therefore, let us browse through movers NYC and storage units providers and together we will find a unit worthy of your time. Let’s go.

"Wondering what to do with your old furniture? Give it a fresh start with our removal services! New home, new you! #FurnitureFarewell"

Are you relocating soon, but you don’t know what to do with your old furniture when you’re moving? Don’t worry - Divine Moving and Storage NYC have a few ideas! When we start relocating, eventually we’ll all stumble upon some of the items that you simply don’t want anymore. They might not fit your new home, or they are simply in bad shape. This is especially true when it comes to old furniture! In those cases, people often don’t know how to deal with them, and if they’re worth relocating. To find out what to do with your old furniture, keep on reading!

Gift it to someone who needs it

One of the first ideas that come to mind before you rush to place your old furniture into some of the storage space Manhattan offers, is to give it to someone. There’s always a person or a charity that needs items for a variety of people from different communities. Reach out to them and send them a picture of the old furniture pieces. We guarantee you that you will make someone very happy!

Sell it if it doesn’t fit your new home

If the old furniture is in good shape, then call the Long Island movers and have them ship it out to your buyer! When you don’t know what to do with your old furniture, but it still looks and feels nice - sell it. Use the money you get to buy the new furniture piece for your home, or simply use it to make your relocation fees a little bit lower. The movers charge most for the big and bulky items, which is why you should wait and purchase new furniture after you relocate.

What to do with your old furniture? Place it into storage!

The last step before thinking about throwing away your old furniture is to think hard about whether you want to use it again. If you want - great, place it into storage. That way it won’t use the space in your new home, but it will still be available. The storage space has to be clean and safe. You will need to visit it every other week to make sure that everything’s fine. The best option for the storage of old furniture is a climate-controlled unit which will help you keep the furniture from deteriorating.

Sometimes, the only thing to do with your old furniture is to throw it away

In the end, if nothing else works - it’s time to call someone to take it away. You shouldn’t hang on to it if you’re moving to the new home. It will only increase the bill, but not the functionality of the home. There are many options that do with your old furniture usage.

"Say adieu to your beloved old furniture without guilt. Consider selling or donating. Need help to remove it? Ring Divine Moving! #FurnitureMakeover"

If none seems right, it’s just the matter of time before you say goodbye. You can call your friends or family members to help you move the furniture, or you can turn to professional movers. Whatever you think might be more appropriate and safe for the situation is okay, but if it seems dangerous - it’s time to call the movers. Book a safe, stress-free relocation today!

Old furniture reminding you of the '80s sitcom set? Don’t let it weigh you down. Give it a second chance or let us help you dispose of it responsibly. #FurnitureRenewal"

Moving is stressful as it is. However, moving in the rain is not only stressful - but it is also dangerous. Therefore, you have to take every precautionary measure to stay safe when moving on a rainy day. That way, you will not only protect yourself from potential damage, you will also protect your items. Luckily, by hiring moving companies NYC you will be able to form a solid plan of action to prevent any issue from rising.
By the time the moving day comes, you should have made sure that you are going to have proper moving help by your side to help you relocate. Obviously, by this time you should have contacted various moving companies that seem promising to you. Their help can prove crucial to your successful moving. Still, once the moving crew starts pouring into your home, what are you going to do with them? Are you going to go and help them pack, load, and unload your items? Or are you going to stay on the side letting them do their job? The better option is obviously the latter. In this case, you can go ahead and find out the best ways of treating your moving crew properly. This way, once you find reliable moving services, you will know how to make their job easier. So, let's go!

There are many things to consider when you're preparing for a move. The least appealing task on your list is probably moving the bulky items, like your furniture. Besides, some materials require special care and handling. Think of your expensive leather furniture. Our experienced moving companies  Manhattan are highly specialized in furniture removal. Here are their professional tips on how to provide the best care for your leather furniture before and after the relocation.

What is the best care for your leather furniture before and after relocation?

Although leather is one of the most durable materials, it can easily sustain mechanical damages. Hence, be thoughtful about your leather furniture when you need to move it. Hire good Long Island movers that know how to take care of it. This is the best way to ensure good care for your leather furniture before and after the move. Professionals trained for this task know the right techniques to move your delicate furniture up and down the stairs and round tricky corners. Also, they have the right packing materials to ensure their best protection during the move. So, take the best professional help you can find, as damaging your leather furniture may cost you a lot for a replacement. However, there are few important things you should know, in order to provide good care for your leather furniture during relocation:

  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Packing materials
  • Post-moving care
A sofa - care for your leather furniture before and after relocation
If you take good care for your leather furniture, it will last you a long time

The essential  step to care for your leather furniture before and after relocation - Cleaning

If you clean and care for your leather furniture, it will last you a long time, and it will look good too. While it's worth investing in professional furniture removal NYC, it's best to tackle the cleaning task yourself. After all, you know your luxurious furniture better than anyone. Similar to your skin, regular care for your leather furniture is required, so to look its best. When you move, the idea of leaving the cleaning part for after the move might be luring. But, even the smallest bit of debris on your leather furniture may cause damages, when combined with the friction while transporting it. So, don't spare your saddle soap, and give your leather pieces a good clean, at least a day before they get moved. This is an essential step to care for your leather furniture and ensure its longevity.

Leather cleaning materials
Before you pack your leather furniture for transport, make sure it's well cleaned, to prevent damages from friction

What are the ideal storage conditions for your leather furniture?

The big-ticket items such as your leather sofa, for example, require thoughtful planning to be transported to your new home. If you're running on a tight schedule, you might not have the time to transfer it all at once. In this case, consider your storage solution in advance. Proper protection of your leather furniture before and after relocation is necessary, as we mentioned before, so choose the best solution available. Know your leather and the optimal conditions for its health. Go for climate controlled storage unit as heat and dryness can cause the leather to peel and crack. Make sure your items are covered, to protect them from dust and dirt. Also, never put other items on top of them, as this will compromise their shape and may cause other damages too. Prioritize the good care for your leather furniture, whether you move it or you store it.

Leather couch and pelt
As best care for your leather furniture during relocation, choose climate-controlled storage and make sure your items are covered

Best packing materials for leather furniture

The packing materials you use, are crucial for the protection of your leather furniture during your relocation. Clearly, you can't just load your leather sofa in a moving truck and drive off to your new place, without adequately protecting it first. That is a surefire way to damage your prized items. Protecting your leather furniture during transport depends a great deal on using the right packing materials. So, once again, make it easy on yourself and hire professionals to handle this for you. However, when your leather furniture needs to be packed, take a note of the following packing material tips:

  • Moving blankets are the best option to wrap your leather furniture. The durable fabric will protect your items from scratches, dents, and dirt. Use good quality moving blankets, and avoid thin covers, as they are easy to tear.
  • Pallet bands or rubber bands will hold the moving blanket in place. These bends are reusable, and they won't leave a sticky residue on your blanket or furniture. Also, refrain from using tape, as it can damage the leather when you remove it.
  • Shrinkwrap is a great way to provide some extra care for your leather furniture during relocation. It will hold the blankets in place and additionally protect your furniture. Just remember that the leather needs to breathe. So, don't shrinkwrap it entirely. Also, don't use this material directly on your furniture, because it can cause the leather to sweat due to the heat, and create mildew.

Post-moving care for your leather furniture

If possible, take a measure of the doorframes in your new home before your furniture arrives. Like this, you can make sure you have any necessary tools to help you move it in. If you packed your leather items as we advise you above, you won't have any issues unpacking. All it remains now is to ensure the right post-moving care for your leather furniture. So, begging with dusting it off with a dry cloth. Next, apply the leather cream and allow it some time to sink in. Then, you can buff it to a shine with a clean cloth. As you may know, it's recommended to apply leather cream to your furniture once a month. This will refresh its looks and make it shine in your new house. Know your leather, and use specialized products to ensure optimal care of your leather furniture.

Finally, here is an extra tip: design your new home layout in a way that will protect your leather furniture. Avoid placing it under the airconditioning or next to a radiator. The ambient conditions such as dry air or heat will cause cracking to the leather. It may also take out its luster, making it appear lifeless. Thoughtfully consider the best spot, and follow our advice to ensure the best care for your leather furniture before and after the relocation.

Moving to Manhattan is going to be very exciting, but what if you have to relocate during summer? We all know some of the downsides of moving during winter or summer. Extreme temperatures make everyday life seem hard, let alone some big maneuvers like moving. But let's see what you can do to make this work less stressful even during the summer.

If you want to design your office and make a better work environment then this is just the place for you. Decorating and designing your office space to suit your needs can increase your productivity a lot. Here you can find some design ideas to try in your Upper East Side office. All you have to do is continue reading and find out more.
People who have never relocated don't really understand just how complicated and demanding a relocation can be. It is definitely something that has to be experienced in order to be grasped. They haven't experienced it in practice, therefore they think of it in theory. And, in theory, moving seems, if not simple, at least straightforward. You hire a moving company and pick a home, they pack you and move you. Simple as that.Sure, some details must require planning, but just how hard can it be? You might be guessing at this point that it is far from that simple. It is a rather complicated process that can be very stressful for a person that finds himself/herself in the midst of it. Stress can be overwhelming. In order to deal with it, it is good to know the reasons why relocation can be stressful.

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