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Divine Moving and Storage is the number one moving and storage company in Brooklyn and Manhattan. With years of experience moving in Brooklyn, in, out, and around Williamsburg, our professional moving teams are your best choice for all your moving in Brooklyn needs.
Just across the East River from Manhattan, Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood has seen young professionals and families moving into this trendy locale. Featuring a wide array of social, artistic, and dining options with a fantastic nightlife scene, Williamsburg has been attracting businesses eager to service this vibrant cultural enclave of New York City.

Williamsburg’s reputation as home to a thriving creative scene has attracted residents eager to partake in it’s unparalleled cultural offerings.

Williamsburg is a great neighborhood known for having some of the best restaurants and nightlife Brooklyn has to offer, not to mention the eclectic shopping options and entertainment scene. Whether you want to catch a show, grab a quick bite at a trendy gastropub, go on a romantic date at a cozy restaurant, or party until the sun rises, Williamsburg has you covered.

The social scene in Williamsburg also boasts a cornucopia of outdoor activities that residents can participate in either with friends or solo. The East River State Park provides a haven for Brooklyn’s residents to lounge, picnic, and watch the busy waterway as boasts commute up and down the shoreline. There’s also McCarren Park which provides Williamsburg with a variety of athletic facilities. There’s the newly restored McCarren Pool, baseball fields, a jogging track, and tennis courts for those seeking physical activity in Williamsburg lush outdoors.

Known for being in the vanguard of the farm to table movement, Williamsburg amazing restaurants, gastropubs, taverns, speakeasy styled bars, and cafes have residents moving to this chic Brooklyn neighborhood just to enjoy the seemingly boundless array options.

From Michelin starred restaurants, including Delaware and Hudson, Aska, and Meadowsweet to critically acclaimed taverns and pubs like Allswell and no-frills The Commodore to more upscale specialty bars like Maison Premiere. Maison Premiere, a neighborhood favorite, features an authentic absinthe experience coupled with upscale seafood eats to pair with your favorite absinthe based cocktail.

We suggest not trying every one of Maison Premiere’s 19 varieties of absinthe on their menu all in the same night–but we won’t judge you if you do!

Moving on to Williamsburg’s prodigious shopping options, this hip Brooklyn neighborhood is famous for its vintage and music stores as well as its array of clothing and jewelry stores and gift shops–not to mention independent bookstores and even contains a specialized indoor garden store! If you want to pick up some jewelry, head to Species by the Thousands or the aptly named Brooklyn Charm, where you can even participate in jewelry making classes with Tracie Howarth, the designer and owner of this fabulously funky jewelry mecca.

If you need something new to read during the coldest days of New York City’s winter, you can check out Desert Island. Desert Island boasts a large collection of graphic novels, back issues and new titles, and even signed prints by myriad artists. And even if you don’t purchase anything, you’ll still leave with a gift: Smoke Signal, Desert Island’s self-published free newspaper which promotes up and coming authors and artists.

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To compliment the thriving–and some would say ground-breaking–music scene Williamsburg is world famous for, you can buy your favorite band’s albums without having to ever leave Brooklyn.

Local favorite Rough Trade NYC is an indie music emporium with British roots. Having moved all the way across the pond from London to open up a satellite New York City branch, Rough Trade is known not only for its prolific selections but for fabulous in-store performances and gigs. Head to their website for the list of upcoming performances, but don’t forget to buy tickets in advance as they frequently sell out.

While local indie stores aren’t the only option, they’re amongst the locals’ favorites. In fact, many Manhattan denizens make the trek over the bridge to shop ‘til they drop–even if they aren’t yet willing to take the leap and move to Williamsburg. With one-of-a-kind shopping options and even more established chains like Urban Outfitters and J. Crew moving in, Williamsburg has something for every budget and every sartorial palette.

With so much on offer, it’s no wonder Manhattanites have been moving to Williamsburg in large numbers. (zip code 11206, 11205)

So when you’re ready to make the move–or if you already have–look no further than Divine Moving & Storage for your perfect and stress-free relocation. Moving shouldn’t be a hassle, and with Divine Moving & Storage you’ll never even have to lift a finger.

Divine makes moving to Williamsburg easy so you can focus on the difficult decisions–like where to shop, eat, relax, and hang out once you move in.

Divine Moving & Storage is a full service moving and storage company based out of New York City. We can take care of everything from packing and unpacking your home, storing single items, entire homes or business for long-term or short-term storage, to transportation logistics. Divine will custom create a flat-rate moving package with you which can include specialized services such as carefully protecting and moving fine art, pianos & other musical instruments, to taking care of your carefully cultivated vintage collections, extensive wardrobes, and one-of-a-kind shoe collections, so you can get back to choosing which bar or concert you’ll be attending to celebrate move-in day. We’ll even give you recommendations for our favorites.

Call us today to discuss your personal relocation specialist about your move to, from, or around Williamsburg. Featuring best-in-class & round the clock customer service, Divine Moving & Storage has built our reputation in New York City and Brooklyn on our professionalism, efficiency, and affordable flat rates to making moving and storing your home and belongings an easy and simple process. In Brooklyn, there’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine way!

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