Divine Moving and Storage is a reliable moving company located in Staten Island. If you are worried of relocation, there is nothing to worry about since Divine Moving and Storage is here to help you out with such concern. We have solutions to take care of all your anxiety. Our life keeps moving and so the circumstances keep coming and going. Relocation is a task that creates worries to an individual about proper transfer of their valuables.

  Divine Moving and Storage undertakes your relocation task to give you an easy shifting. If you have a huge quantity of relocation stuff then you may look for our services capacity. If your stuff are sophisticated and delicate then you may have to bear some extra cost because it needs some more care for relocating. If you are hiring a reliable moving company like Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island then it can surely relief you of getting better services. Call us at (212-244-4011) for more details about our moving services.  

Our Moving and Storage Services

The process of relocation to a new place is always chaotic and tiresome. The bustle and hustle that is involved make you stressed out and tensed. The situation gets chaotic as you have a lot of work to do within a limited time. However, this process can get easier for you if you hire Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island that offers a complete range of moving services. Here are the services we offer to our clients.
  • Packing and Moving Services- We help our clients to pack their goods with proper care by using good quality packing materials. We have experts who do the packing part of the entire process. Our packing team has the knowledge of how to properly and safely pack the different items whether they are tough or fragile in nature. After the packing process is over, we deliver the goods in specially designed vehicles which are meant for transporting items. Most of our clients would say that packing is the major time-consuming part of the whole process of moving and it is best done by experts like us.
  • Loading and Unloading- The employees of a moving company assist in loading and unloading the goods. It is best that they do the loading and unloading part since they have the proper knowledge in how to properly place the items on the truck and how to safely get them out of it.
  • Unpacking- This is also as important as packing the items before you start moving. When the items arrive at your new location, our expert staffs would help you to unpack the items one by one and place them where you want in the new house. Although unpacking may seem to be an easy process, it is not so. Our experts practice utmost caution while unpacking the items since many times it has been noticed that while the goods are taken out of their packs, some items have faced damages.

Why should you Hire Us for your next move?

Making a move across the country is a big deal. Lots of breakable items and cherished belongings will have to be packed up and entrusted into someone else’s care. Considering what’s riding on the prospect, choosing a professional moving company like Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island should be an absolute priority. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire us.
  • Fine Print- Once moving companies have been reviewed and a winner selected, a contract will generally be presented. Be sure to read this closely and understand all of your rights and responsibilities under the contract before signing. Knowing what you are getting into can help you avoid any problems down the road.
  • Pricing- Anyone looking at moving companies should seek out quotes from companies they are interested in. Generally, what will be required to obtain these are dates for the move, the number of rooms to be moved and the estimated mileage involved. Quotes will not generally be the final prices, but they can help give you a good idea of what you are looking at budget wise.
  • Availability- It is a good idea to also check and see if moving companies in your area are available on the days you might need them. It is possible your first choice or even your second might not be, which will make the research into background become a little more important.
  • Specialty- If you need to move across the country and the movers you are calling the only handle in town work, you are barking up the wrong tree. Before you dive into researching reputation and backgrounds, check with different moving companies to find those in your area that fit the bill you need to be filled. You will likely find that some companies only handle local moves, while others will go across the country and even down the street.
  • Reputation- This is a vital consideration to take into account when choosing among moving companies. In order for you to find the best moving company in your area, it is highly recommended to call better business bureau, local chambers of commerce or other consumer reporting agencies. It is also a smart idea to check with co-workers, family, and friends for recommendations that might have. The better the mover’s reputation, the more likely it is you will have a good move. Bear in mind that one bad report doesn’t mean a moving company is bad. No single company can please all people all the time.
For hassle free and safe move, call (212-244-4011) and we would be happy to assist and help you with your moving needs.

Our Service Guarantee

Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island will guarantee our clients that they will never go wrong in choosing our moving company to help them with their moving needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable movers had undergone thorough training to assure our clients that we can meet their demands, needs, and preferences. With our help, clients are assured that they will have a safe and comfortable move. So, what are you waiting for? Hire Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island today and get in touch with us at (212-244-4011).

Divine Moving is a fully insured and licensed and offer free moving quotes. Call 212-244-4011 for a no obligation moving estimate in the Bronx. The secret to company’s long-term success is valued, honesty as well as customer satisfaction. Divine Moving is your reliable moving and storage company in the Bronx and nearby places.

The company just uses the professional packers and movers in the business. Our movers ensure your transfer is less stressful, your valuables arrive at your new location safely and sound, and the whole thing arrives on time. Our clients are our main concern and we go beyond to exceed if not meet the need of our customers to the best of our capability. Our team of movers is certified moving experts who are ready to efficiently and safely pack, store as well as move the valued possessions either local, long distance as well as international.

High-Quality Moving Service You Can Depend on On

Our staffs know that an essential features of a reliable moving and storage company in the Bronx is our high level of moving service. Our company has dedicated to these values; as a result, we are very proud of the reputation we have established here in the Bronx. Our moving and storage professionals work with our clients each step of the way to assist them to plan their relocation. We have accurate estimates, our suggestion and advice are sound, and totally dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Our job is to give quality, efficient as well as personalized relocating services when delivering all of your household valuables such as your piano, antique, furniture and much more. We have satisfied thousands of customers in our years of existence. Contact us now to request a customized moving consultation.

  • Moving and Storage Solutions in the Bronx

We have packed and relocated many satisfied Bronx area residents for more years now. To any point of Bronx, we pride ourselves on offering high quality relocating services at a fraction of the cost. It doesn’t matter if you're relocating across town, or across the country or to any part of the world, Divine Moving can do it all, which include providing packing services, boxes, storage at our safe and secure facility, and our know-how with specialty tasks like piano moving and furniture moving. Our knowledgeable experts from the workplace to the packing experts offer superior customer service and handle the belongings or possession with efficiency and great care.

  • Local Moving

We know that a local relocation could be exciting. Yet sometimes disturbing experience. But, with the best moving and storage company in the Bronx beside you, there’s nothing to be concerned about. We would like to assist you to know the way local relocating charges are determined. We also want to assist you to obtain a precise quote, so there’s no surprise on the day of your moving. In case you have questions before, during, and after the quote, do not be hesitated to call us at 212-244-4011.

  • Long Distance Moving

Divine Moving understands that a long distance moving can be an exciting, and sometimes unsettling experience. You've probably already realized that there's so much to do and so little time to do it. However, 21st Century Van Lines wants to help you plan your move properly to ensure that your relocation as exciting, rewarding, and stress-free as possible.

Our Storage Solutions

Because each one has diverse storage needs, Divine Moving has a customized storage facility which is designed to contain any storage load, regardless of how small or large. We are indeed capable of serving your needs uniformly; it doesn’t matter if you want a room to store some of your stuff or an entire houseful of furnishing awaiting your new house. Our aim is to make your storage need to be less stressful.

  • Wrapping and Packing Services

Of course, Divine Moving wraps your possessions or items firmly in a clean protective pad to put off scratches as well as other minor damage before they are transferred or moved. Special care and attention are devoted to relocating of your fragile and delicate belongings, upon your request.

Why choosing a well established moving and Storage Company in the Bronx many years in the business are vital?

There are lots of moving companies which come and go in moving industry, and now, clients are faced with never-ending options with regards to who to hire. Some of these moving companies do not last the test of time as they lack a real perceptive of what makes a moving and storage company in the Bronx great. If you call Divine Moving, you are calling a moving company with so many years of experience. Our promise isn’t supported by slick advertising or exciting publicity. It is supported by our years of knowledge and proven track record of making our clients satisfied. We have served customers from every walk of life and every profession, with very varied needs.

Moving Day – Our Movers Know Your Needs

Moving day is indeed a very stressful event in spite of the scope or size of the moving job, and normally accompanies some bigger life to change event. Our skilled movers know what you’re going through the moment they arrive, and we have established personnel that approaches relocating your stuff from the viewpoint of removing that strain from your day. We have polite, patient, smart as well as professional people and have a unique approach to complete your relocation. They are here to see priorities and know the potential barriers which can disrupt the whole process. They do extremely well in trouble-shooting issues and depend on professional training and skill in the business to resolve quickly any unexpected issues on the day of moving.

Experience is not just the main source of our wide knowledge in the moving business. It’s the testimony that our approach and methods to the moving business are useful and convey the best result of a flourishing moving day. Contact us now for your moving and storage needs and queries in the Bronx at 212-244-4011

Whether commercial or residential, local or international, Divine Moving offers our customers with reliable, courteous, and reliable moving service from the start of your move to the end. We are committed to superiority and offering you with a local and international moving experience that it’s your budget and expectations. Dial 212-244-4011 to schedule a moving service.

Stress-Free Queens Moving

With reliability, speed, and experience, our movers go the extra mile to the task done. Our commitment to offering high quality relocating services at the reasonable prices has made this moving and storage company in Queens one of the most trusted and best moving companies in Queens. Our high-quality services such as coming to your office or home, and wrapping your furnishing, reassembly and disassembly of the same. We offer white-glove moving service at its best. Take benefit of our immaculate packing services and unpacking services or choose for do-it-yourself packing. Our company works hard to know all your moving needs prior to ever lifting one box.

Divine Moving is professional moving and Storage Company in Queens that take pride in their moving work. With regards to relocate, no job is too small or too big, they own big box truck for larger or big moves and have a small box truck for smaller moves. With reliable moving and Storage Company in Queens, you’ll get skilled movers that have the right training and high quality tools to transfer all your possessions safely and effectively and they will always have more furniture pads to wrap all your furniture to stay safe during the move. They assure stress-free moving as possible.

Wide Selection of Moving Services in Queens

  • Full Service Moves (Local and Long Distance Moving)

When you are intending to transfer from one place to another, Divine Moving could give a comprehensive moving service that includes the whole thing. Local and long distance moving include skill furniture movers which have been well trained to your belongings and furniture with care avoiding them from damage, the appropriate site box truck for the move, any equipment needed to reassemble and disassemble, any tools required to transfer your boxes and furniture, furniture pad’s to enfold to all furnishing to keep them safe during moving. They can assist your relocating day be free from stress and perform all the heavy lifting, so you could concentrate on more significant matters!

  • Loading and Unloading Assistance

If you’re transferring in or out of the city and decide to lease a truck, and want loading and unloading assistance, Divine Morning could lend you a hand. They can give many helpers as you want to take the task done properly. This service needs to take into account skilled workers that undergo training to handle valuables with care.


  • Pick Up and Delivery of Furniture

Finally, you have bought your dream furniture, don’t risk of transferring or moving it yourself and maybe damaging it contact us at 212-244-4011 and we might be capable of doing same day delivery and you’ll get movers that will take good care of your furniture with care! We could pick up 1 or 2 pieces of furniture for a very reasonable rate.

  • In-House Relocation or Moving

We are the best storage and moving company in Queens when it comes to in-house moving or relocation. Our in-house moving includes:

  • Store items or stuff in another part of house during a remodel
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Clear room for a special occasion or party
  • Hang and reposition art and antiques
  • Move big or awkward items within home like treadmills, pianos, as well as safes
  • Packing and Unpacking Service

We offer various packing services such as:

  • We do the entire task: one to two days before your relocation schedule we offer 2 to 3 packers plus all components we want to pack properly your stuff in your home.
  • We do some of the work: Some clients like to pack some of their stuff but have Divine Moving assists with difficult items like art work, and glassware. We could customize a moving plan which fits your demands and budget.
  • You do the whole work: You carry out the entire packing job before our movers arriving. You can order packing supplies from if you want to.
  • Unpacking Services

We can give unpacking assistance when needed and when asked get rid of all the packing materials.

  • Safe and Piano Moves

Safes and piano could be the complicated and the hardest items to be transferred so never risk hurting or damaging your belongings or yourself trying to move it on your own. If you want to move you’re safe or piano across town contact us. We can give expert and careful moving service to move your items safely for a fraction of cost.

  • Storage Company in Queens

If you want a place to store your stuff either long term or short term, Divine Moving can accommodate your storage needs. Our storage facility in Queens is located in a safe well-lit place. We have 24-hour access and lots of space in the buildings to assist making maneuvering the truck easy as well as stress-free.

Full-Service Storage Services take account of:

  • Short term storage and long term storage obtainable
  • Conveniently situated near to the road and in very safe area
  • Competitively priced storage provides exceptional value
  • Unmatched convenience

Our Clients Are Our Main Priority

Since the beginning, Divine Moving a storage and moving company in Queens has provided Queens and nearby places the most excellent team of dependable and knowledgeable movers. From local and long distance moving to residential and office moving, Divine Moving employ the best group of movers to give you with a stress-free move anywhere in Queens.

On top of providing specialized services, we take pride to give moving services at extremely competitive rates. At Divine Moving, we know how demanding moving could be, that is the reason why our job is to make the transition from a simple and stress free as possible. With knowledge, reliability as well as speed, our skilled movers always go an extra mile to get the moving job done. Our commitment to offering high quality moving services at a fraction of cost has made Divine Moving the best as well as most trusted moving and Storage Company in Virginia. Call us now at 212-244-4011

Divine Moving is a Brooklyn storage company that stands for superiority in all the moving services they offer. They only offer skilled and professional movers to your relocation job, with first class moving supplies to relocate and protect your valuables. That makes this company apart from the rest. You want a Brooklyn mover which shows up, and punctual. They always show up, constantly right on time and never over booking. You can call 212-244-4011 to know what moving plans that suit you best.

Guaranteed Skilled Local and Long Distance Moving and Storage Company in Brooklyn

Orange Transperent BackgroundYou want a relocating estimate that is guaranteed. Divine Moving provides free in-house assured moving estimates and never charges you further. They will even charge you less once your move takes less time. You want a relocating company that gets a move on. Divine Moving employs the best and well trained moving experts. Our staffs are not men of the street just willing to lift- they are well trained and skilled Brooklyn movers who work at the greatest effort in less amount of time with the best care. (storage company in Brooklyn) You want your stuff to be moved undamaged. We take each precaution and treat your stuff as if they are our own. Each box and each piece of stuff are packed and wrapped carefully and meticulously. Basically, you want superiority and quality. That is what the Divine Moving and Storage Company offer as we are the different type of moving and storage company in Brooklyn. Know more about moving services by calling 212-244-4011 for free to see how we are different and for a free moving quote or estimate today.

Unmatched Moving Services

The Divine Moving is a premier moving and storage company in Brooklyn dedicated to offering you with honest, dependable as well as high quality moving services which you can rely on including:
  • Moving Day
Relocating is a demanding interruption in your life; however, it does not need to be a terrifying. With the Divine Moving and Storage Company, your relocation will be timely, smooth, as well as careful. We have skilled, reliable and well-trained movers who work at the greatest effort in the least amount of time with the best care.
  • Storage
This reliable moving and storage company in Brooklyn provides secure storage in Brooklyn, reinforced with physical security, guard dogs, and electronic surveillance. Our fees are prorated by the day and determined based on the space you really need, not a predefined standard cubicle size or designation. Your belongings will be secured from water and fire, and additional insurance coverage is on hand so you don’t have to worry about.   
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
Your valuables are important to you and might need special packing service, or you might just not have time to pack up your valuables prior to your relocating schedule. Worry no more because our packing service is performed by well-trained moving experts. They know precisely how to pack conceivable item to securely move without risk of harm or damage. What is more, since they pack all the time, they not just expert in packing to pack and unpacking, however, can carry this out in record time for the quickest and most convenient relocation move you will ever make. What is more, packing service is charged at an hourly rate, and not through the box, so you could save a lot.
  • Moving Supply
This moving and storage company in Brooklyn is about superiority, and which dedication to superiority expands to the moving supplies that we utilize. Our moving boxes are the best in the moving service. We utilize the best packing materials as well, and blankets rather than bubble wrap for paintings, furniture as well as other valuables.
  • Commercial Moving Services
As a company owner, time is money. Our commercial movers allow your company to keep in full working order with hardly any downtime. Our well-trained team anticipates every moving need- from relocating office furniture to bring together with the IT infrastructure to make sure your business is up and working in no time.
  • Residential Moving Services
Divine Moving doesn’t just relocate things- they move memories. With a diversity of choices for packing, planning as well as for storage, we ensure that we give your stuff in a manner that is personal to you as well as your vision. The whole thing we carry out has a reason, and we will do the whole thing to make the transition to your new house as comfortable and smooth as possible.
  • Guaranteed Moving Estimate/Moving Quote
We provide 100 percent free moving estimate. We will give you with a quote for your relocation, and on the time of your relocation, you’ll not pay more. With reliable moving and storage company in Brooklyn, the pricing is obvious and assured no hidden costs later on. Please call us at 212-244-4011 to get to know more our services.

Reliable Moving Company near Me

Divine Moving personnel are expert movers with years of experience. They take pride in their job, are polite and enthusiastic. They utilize some of the best furniture movers in the business, and our well-mannered and helpful staffs are more than willing to help you sort out and plan your move. Divine Moving trucks are particularly made for residential and commercial moving. They are cautiously maintained, as well as supplied with an extra of moving equipment or packing supplies. Damage rate is perhaps the lowest in the moving business, with fewer claims processed in our insurance company in the previous years. We also offer packing tips to clients to help make sure a smooth and safe relocation. As a leader moving and storage company in Brooklyn, Divine Moving prides itself on the capability to move or relocate you forward. If your company grows and expands, we will be there. If your family grows, call us we have got you covered. In every transition in professional and personal life, you can rely on Divine Moving to do at the utmost level during your moving, turning what could be a demanding occasion into an optimistic milestone. Call us now at 212-244-4011 for a free moving estimate.

NYC Storage - Ten Reasons To Find A Moving Company Online

There are a lot of people that search for moving companies every day; this is because they know that it is not an easy thing to host the entire shifting process on their own. Since there are many things that need to be packed, stored and transferred, people search for NYC storage companies so that they can be relieved of their tasks. A moving company knows how to take care of their shifting process on behalf of them and since it is the job of the team to pack, store and shift the things, people moving to another location focus on other important tasks.

There are two ways to search for NYC storage companies; you can search for various land based companies or you can use internet to search for the best company for your needs. Most of the people have now shifted to using internet, when it comes to search for moving companies.

If you think it is difficult for you to trust internet to search for the best moving NYC storage companies, it is time for you to know there are many reasons why you should select a company that has its presence online and not just on the land.

Here are the top ten reasons for you to select a moving company with the help of internet:

  • When a company has its presence on internet, it can be trusted more than the other companies: We all are living in the era of internet, websites and blogs; if a company does not have time to build its website or create its presence online, it doesn’t have time for you as well. Online moving companies can be trusted because they know how to develop, along with the development of internet; to a certain extent, this proves that the company knows how to use the best and the latest ways to pack your stuff and transfer it to your new location.
  • Most of the people are now depending upon online NYC storage companies: You are not the only person who is trying to find a moving company online; most of the people are now fond of internet because they don’t have to leave the comfort of their house to find a particular firm for themselves. If you want to find a company without spending money on traveling to various land based moving companies, you need to search for those names that have their websites online. This is exactly what everybody is doing these days.
  • You can learn more about the company when it has its website: Thanks to the NYC storage company’s website, you can learn each and every little thing about the firm. From the kind of experience it has in the field to knowing about the team members working under its roofs; from the kind of fees it charges for its services to the way it handles its customers, there are many things that are displayed on the website for you to learn to know more about the way a particular firm works.
  • The company can be contacted easily when it has its presence on internet: The good news is that you can contact a particular firm when it has its website online. When you visit land based NYC storage companies, you have to enquire everything at once or take their contact numbers personally so that the executives can be contacted later; on the other hand, an online website has different ways in which you can talk to the executives; some of the websites not only have the option of emailing the executives to know more about the company, but also online chatting with the help of which you can get all the details that you want.
  • You find out what people say about the company and its services: Since the company has its existence on internet, people talk about it and share their experiences. You can visit the website of the moving company you are planning to hire and know more about it by the kind of feedback people have written on its feedback section. No doubt you need to spend a little bit of time in learning more about a particular firm, but it is worth it in the end.
  • You can talk about an online company on different online forums: When a company has its website, you can share its link and find out what the old customers have to share about it with you. This is what reviews mean; you visit various online forums, request people to review a firm that has its website online and find out if it has more of positive feedback or more of negative comments.
  • You can ask for a quotation from an online moving company: The most wonderful thing about contacting an online NYC storage or moving company is that you can easily enquire about the service fees of the same, without spending money on calling them or visiting the office, personally. The moment you like a particular firm, click on its CONTACT US page and find out if it has a quotation form that you need to fill and send to the executives. If it doesn’t have a quotation form, you can note down its email address and send an email on the same.
  • You get to have a glimpse about all the services that a particular moving company is providing you, if it has its website to display the same: When you visit the website of a particular firm, it has all the details that you, as a customer, must know. From its history to how it came into existence, you get to know each and every single thing related to the company. Since such in-depth knowledge about the company is provided, most of the customers know everything about a particular moving firm before hiring its services for their shifting needs. This allows them to build a good bond with the team of the company.
  • You don’t waste your time by visiting different land based companies, when you have internet to search for the best one online: You spend a lot of time on searching for various land based moving companies; don’t you think it is a waste of time since in the end, you know that you need only one company for the packing, storing and moving needs? Rather than wasting time on finding land based offices and visiting them personally, visit various online websites and learn more about different companies so that you can select the most appropriate and affordable one, depending upon your needs and budget.
  • There are many websites that have genuine reviews from genuine customers; you can read such reviews and find out if the moving company is worth hiring: When you visit a land based NYC storage company, you can’t find out what kind of reputation it has in the market. Land based stores know how to cover their image and put the customers down; on the other hand, internet gives a voice to all the customers and hence, you get to read negative feedbacks as well that tell you what kind of an image the company has online.

15 Reasons You Should Not ‘Move The Things’ Yourself to Storage NYC

You must be totally excited to shift to your new house; you may have shopped for so many new things already and may be waiting to decorate your new place with your hands, right? But just because you are buying new things does not mean you don’t have to take the old things with you; you don’t forget your old memories when you meet new people to build new memories, do you? Your old things are like old memories for you. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful while shifting your old things because if they get broken or damaged during the journey, you don’t forgive yourself at all. This is why people depend upon companies that are into moving and storage NYC so that they are relieved about having their items transferred to the new location. But why are companies into moving and storage NYC so much in demand? Why do people need such companies to have their items shifted to the new location? Why can’t people move the old things on their own? We are sure the above questions are dancing in your head; calm your thoughts by reading the below mentioned reasons that tell you why you should not move the things on your own:
  • Because you are not experienced in shifting the items of your house: How experienced are you in shifting the things on your own? How many times have you changed houses in your life? Even if you have shifted to different locations thrice or five times in your life, you are not as experienced as the companies that are into moving and storage NYC.
  • Because your vehicle is not designed to move the goods for you: No matter what kind of a vehicle you have, it does not have the thing to tolerate the weight of large sized products you are planning to shift. Ask yourself – does your car have enough space for the large sized cupboard or washing machine or refrigerator that you are planning to shift to your new house? We doubt!
  • Because you know that you need a helping hand in shifting the fragile items of your old house to the new one: When you have a lot of fragile items to be shifted to the new location, you can’t take the risk of moving them on your own. Even if you have changed your house five times in your life, you can’t move your fragile items without damaging them, if you do it on your own.
  • Because you have to focus on moving ahead and not looking back: You can’t expect yourself to pack the old stuff on your own because you need to get busy in arranging the new house. Don’t look back and don’t keep returning to your old house just for the sake of shifting stuff; with moving and storage NYC companies, you simply move on without looking back.
  • Because most of the people hire companies that are into moving and storage NYC services: If you think it is good to learn from the experience of others around you, listen to the majority of the people that say how good and stress-free it is to have a moving company working for you.
  • Because you don’t want to end up in a hospital: Most of the people end up at the hospital because they think they are strong and smart enough to lift heavy items on their own. Rather than saving money by not hiring a moving company, such individuals pay more by breaking their bones!
  • Because no matter how much your friends say that they’ll help you, they won’t: No doubt you have an amazing bunch of friends, who are always there for you, but when it comes to moving all those things to a new house, you can’t expect them to help you because they have their own life and challenges to handle. Let moving and storage NYC companies do the work for you.
  • Because you have absolutely no time to pack the things on your own: If you are still working, do you think you have all the time in the world to focus on packing your things? The coolest thing about hiring moving and storage NYC companies is that they not only shift the items for you, but also pack everything on their own.
  • Because you don’t know what packing materials to use for what item that needs to be shifted: Every little thing that you want to shift to your new house needs to be packed in a separate and unique kind of packaging material; if you don’t have knowledge of all the packing materials, let the moving companies do the thing for you.
  • Because you don’t have the right equipment: Do you have all the equipment that you need to shift each and every single thing from your old house to the new one? We believe you don’t; so many people are not fools to hire moving companies for their needs!
  • Because your items are insured when they are in the hands of movers: Here’s some good news your way – when you have a company moving the items for you from your old house to the new one, your items are insured and even if something damages, it is taken care of by the insurance company. Did we just bring a smile on your face?
  • Because you save a lot of money when you take the help of professionals in the field: This may sound tricky to you, but it is not. It is simple – when you move the things on your own, you either end up paying at the hospital, paying more on filling the gas or bearing the expenses when the old items are broken. Moving and storage NYC companies take the guarantee of moving your items without having them damaged.
  • Because you don’t have time to go to and fro from your old house to the new one: How many times are you planning to go from your old house to the new one and then from the new house to the old one? If you don’t want to juggle from one place to another, let the moving company shift all your items for you.
  • Because you don’t want to forget some things in your old house: When your focus is on packing and shifting the items on your own, you don’t pay any attention to checking if you have packed everything. When there are so many tasks on your head, you are bound to forget something behind. Do you want to repent not hiring a moving company, later?
  • Because there are many moving companies with amazing teams to help you with your moving process: Most of the moving companies are proud of the kind of teams they have working under their names; it is the team of the moving company that builds its image in front of the customers and hence, every member is hired by keeping in mind the kind of skill one needs to possess to give the best services as a

If you need moving and storage in Manhattan Divine moving is here to help you. Divine moving and storage has everything you need for moving to NYC including packing and labor, a full-sized fleet of new trucks perfectly capable of completing commercial moves, storage lockers and a full-service moving team capable of moving in the most challenging conditions.

Our company has extensive references, supplies and experience and if you are moving anywhere in New York City we can provide you with the tools that you need to have a successful and safe move. Both our storage warehouses and offices are extremely accessible. We can provide you with vehicles and storage that can ease the process of your move as well as ensure that all of the items that you trust us to move and store are kept securely and looked after. Our services come completely backed by a comprehensive insurance plan and all of our storages come with fire protection, temperature and climate controlled services, motion detectors and video surveillance. Our storage units will protect even your most valuable items and many residents in New York City trust us because of our quality 24 hour surveillance guarantee and peace of mind insurance. moving in nyc Moving to NYC- Our company can provide full-service New York City moving and storage. This means that art skilled staff of movers can come and pick up your items and bring them directly to storage or deliver items directly to your home as well. All you need to do is contact us for a free consultation for the most cost-effective services for your move. Our ultimate priority as a moving company is to provide our customers with satisfaction. Our references definitely reflect the quality that our company puts into every move that we complete. We want to make your lives easier with stress-free, safe and affordable moving experiences. Contact us today if you are moving to New York City or need help moving items within the city or away.  
Storage units in NYC

Leaving your belongings in a building far away from your home doesn’t exactly scream safety and security.  We like our things close to us, which is probably part of the reason why many homes are incredibly cluttered.  Having easy access to our things is important, and letting them sit in a storage unit can feel inconvenient and counter-productive, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There is such a thing as a great storage unit, and Divine Moving is here to help you find it.


The most important and uncompromisable factor in choosing a storage unit is its level of security.  You’re putting things in storage to get them out of your house, not to get rid of them, and a storage unit that is left unlocked or carelessly maintained is one that you want to avoid.  Great New York storage is hard to come by, but you can trust us to set you up with an option that is safe and secure.


If you’re on our site, then you’re likely looking for Manhattan storage.  Not New Jersey, not Connecticut, but Manhattan storage.  Too often, people settle for a storage unit that is incredibly far from their home, and what’s the point of having stuff and paying for a storage unit if you can never get to it?  Packing is not a perfect process, and chances are that you may have accidentally put some items in your storage unit that you may need in the near future.  A storage unit that is close to home is essential for easy access to your belongings.  If your storage unit is so far away that you can never muster the energy to go to it, it’s like you don’t even own your own things!


Choosing a storage unit that is the right size for your needs is imperative in avoiding overspending and overcrowding.  When looking at all of your packed boxes, it can be hard to gauge how much you’re really looking at and what size space you’ll need to fit it into.  By hiring a professional moving company to evaluate your needs, you eliminate the risk of paying for square footage you don’t need or damaging your things by packing them too tightly.

Storage units should relieve stress, not add to it.  Call Diving Moving today to get set up with the perfect New York storage for your needs!