There are many reasons you may one day find yourself in need of a safe secure storage facility. Our facility is perfect for your New York City storage needs.

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Business Moves

Storing some items while you are changing business locations can be beneficial because it gives you time to organize as you go or store items that are to be sold at a later time. This allows you to set up your new location at your pace without a lot of clutter.


Many people realize the benefits of living in smaller homes and apartments. When you downsize, there may be some things you occasionally use that you don’t have room for at your new location. For example, if you like to camp in the summer you may not want all your equipment taking up space at your home the rest of the year.

Seasonal Living

If you only live part time in a location, you may want to use storage services for part of the year. This can help you keep your possessions organized and stored properly, so they retain their condition. Our secure storage facility is climate controlled and monitored 24 hours a day.


Student housing can be small, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have things that you might want to have on hand at certain times of the year. Also, if you live in the area only during the academic year, it is much easier to store possessions for when you return instead of taking them with you or relying on less secure storage methods on campus.


Divine Movers provides Manhattan storage as well as moving services throughout the greater New York City area. We can help you pack, move your things, and even put them into secure storage for you.



Looking for inexpensive storage? Tired of Manhattan Mini Storage high prices?

Divine Moving and storage got you covered!

We are the one stop shop for all of your moving and storage needs. Call us today if you are looking for a Manhattan Mini Storage alternative. On average we will beat Manhattan Mini Storage and most other mini storages in Manhattan by at least 40% Storage in NYC Our security protocol plus our commitment to keep your belongings safe tops it all. If you need residential or commercial storage in NYC give us a call today! No one in NYC has time for the hassle of moving. If you want everything taken care of for you New York City move call Divine for a quick, stress-free, and easy move. We pack you up and move you into your new home in a New York minute. That way you can get back to what’s important: Living your life! For a quick move, call Divine. Divine Moving & Storage is moving in a flash! NYC moving deal Affordable New York City movers should not require Sherlock Holmes to find. With one quick call call to Divine Moving & Storage’s Relocation Specialists you’ll find out just how easy moving in NYC can be! With all inclusive moving packages relocation your home is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Just call, book, and move. Moving on with your life has never been so easy. Call today to speak to your personal Relocation Specialist and receive your free estimate in seconds. Divine Pro Moving

Don’t forger to ask us for our day to day short term storage options!

storage tips
Many people are familiar with this struggle. They move into an apartment with a little bit of possessions, but then within a short time period they acquire a bunch of new items and are left with a crammed apartment. It’s a predicament that many of us fall victim to. We at Divine Moving have a staff of highly professional New York movers as well as a fully a serviced storage facility in NYC and believe us we heard it all. Whether you are starting to get too many collectible action figures or got a whole load of shoes, you are going to need to come up with some creative storage ideas to conserve space. We got you covered and are here to help. Add space to your apartment with these five storage tips.

Storage Tips

  • Monsters aren’t the only things under your bed...

    Depending on the size of your bedroom your bed probably takes up a lot of space. Yeah the bed is nice and all to sleep on, but unbeknownst to many the bed can store a lot of storage beneath it. If the bed is off the floor you can place shoes or items beneath it. You can also buy a new storage bed, with cabinets that slide out to put your clothes or possessions in.
  • Fit space into your dresser like a pro!

    You don’t know how many times we heard of a client getting new dressers that were not needed. I remember we came to one of our client’s apartment in Brooklyn to move some of his stuff to storage. He told us how he was getting a new dresser and with our expertise we decided to check his current dresser. We saw how his current dresser had clothes thrown in that weren’t even properly folded. We taught him a very space efficient way of folding and also implemented drawer dividers. After teaching him these couple of tips he came to a conscious decision that he didn’t need a new dresser.
  • Boxes, boxes on the wall, who’s the greatest one of all?

    Place and paint boxes on the wall for a unique way to organize books, vitamins and little knick knacks.
  • Use shower curtain hooks for book bags or purses.

    This is a great way to hang and store book bags and purses that take space elsewhere to a nice hanging position.
  • Milk every inch of your closet space.

    You can use more clothing rods, and even install shelves to break up everything in a neat and efficient manner.
Now that we gave you some tips to improve storage space we hope you go out and do something about your storage problem!

If you are ever need more help with storage in the NYC area then we are the company for you! We provide NYC Storage and moving at reasonable rates. Call us anytime at: 866-668-7666 or 212-244-4011

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For over 6 years in a row Divine Moving and Storage has been beating the public self storage prices. In most cases we were cheaper by 35%-40% and even 50%-65% if comparing us to Manhattan Mini Storage rates (rates as advertised on their website- excluding special promotions).

We offer to our customers short term and even daily rates with no deposits, monthly and of course long term storage as well. You can always add (or remove) more boxes and furniture without needing to switch rooms, you are only charged for the space you use and not the room size as the mini storages do. Our facility is monitored 24/7 and has the top of the line security including 1080HD video surveillance. Unlike public storage we don't allow access without an appointment in order for us to have a record and track our visitors at any given time for extra security. The reason for that was born years ago when the bed bug epidemic was running wild in NYC and we wanted to have a better grip on what customers are brining in and in what vehicles, since then we don't allow rental trucks or any non owned vehicles in to our building knowing that those trucks are never treated for bugs as opposed to ours who are treated daily. (no one here wanted to bring a "pet" home to our kids) On move day our movers will inspect your furniture and log any issues such as nicks and scratches on an itemized inventory sheet including the number of boxes and contents if known. This master list is given to the client and from there the items are checked once arriving at the storage to make sure everything arrived and checked in. On move out day the list is checked again when the team is loading it from storage and once more once it arrives back to your new apartment. This level of checks, inspections and detailed inventory is unheard off in the self storage industry. We store and protect your belongings in the safest manner and for that reason we don't allow unscheduled visits since if you remove boxes without us marking it on the inventory pages we will be "missing" items on delivery. A few weeks ago we logged a complaint from a young lady stating she didn't agreed to open storage concept.. She clearly didn't understand the open part of it. We are not open as the mini storages our security tops theirs by multiples of times. The same young lady complained that she wanted to inspect her belongings, we don't unpack the wrappings until the move out as there is no point to repackage everything again. We mark the goods coming in so we don't have surprises on move out day. For some clients the extra levels of protection is not needed but we feel we need to take those measures as we are 100% liable for your belongings while they are in our safe keeping. NYC trusts Divine Moving & Storage’s premium White Glove relocation service to take care of all their moving needs. Our professional moving specialists have years of experience packing up priceless works of art, antiques, crystal, china, and even musical instruments. With Divine, you never have to worry about damage because we take the time to ensure your valuables are protected and safe for the entire time they’re in our care. For a luxury move without the luxury price tag, call Divine.



Have you ever tried to think of something to do with the boxes you just used to move? Many of our NYC moving clients have been asking us about the number of different ways they could to put their used boxes to good use. With this article you will learn that not only are there unlimited ways to use these boxes creatively but there are also a plethora of ways to use these boxes to help with New York City household problems.

Ideas for Recycling your Moving Boxes

Messy tasks are the perfect match for used cardboard boxes. Perhaps you have suspected there is a leak somewhere in your house; the snow does not play in New York. Then you may consider sticking one of these boxes underneath the “leak” to see if your suspicions are correct. Not only can you use the box inside of the house, but you could also use the box underneath your car in the garage, let’s say if you had an oil leak. If you are more creative and paint inside your home, you may want to flatten the box and use it to cover your floor or carpets during any of these craft projects that may leave permanent unwanted memories.

Want some ideas for more functional ways to use these boxes? Try filling the box with your overflow of comfy blankets that you store away after the cool New York winter season. You could even cut into the box and then put some blankets inside to create your own personalized bed for your pet. You can always line the box with some duct tape and use the box as a laundry basket, for sorting or storing clean laundry. Another great use for the empty cardboard box is to gather all of your recycling from inside the house and use it to transport the recyclables out to your recycling bin for an easier method of taking it out.

Another function of these boxes you have recently purchased in order to move, may include “free storage”. Before the age of plastic bins, cardboard boxes were the go-to solution for storing everything from pictures to snow clothes. These days plastic bins are quite expensive and can add up quickly. Just grab some scissors and duct tape and you are ready to begin designing your own personal storage units. A few ideas that you may want to utilize this storage for could include, tax papers, magazines, books, office supplies, toys, and so much more!

Facts about Cardboard Boxes

The average move requires about 60 boxes that consumes about more than half of a one ton pine tree! One pine tree could yield about 805 pounds of paper! To break it down even further, one pine tree could produce roughly 80,500 sheets of paper. That will last someone a month or more. So as you can see, if you can find a way to reuse your old moving boxes you are not only helping your pockets out, but you are helping our planet!

Looking for Storage Space in New York City?

Moving or having too much stuff is a lot of stress, especially when you do not have the space for everything. You may not want to get rid of everything, of course, but that means that you need to find new space this is where Divine Moving and Storage fits in. Finding storage in New York City will help you out during this time. This gives you extra space for your items that you do not have room for and for your items that are too precious to throw away. There is also warehousing in NYC for businesses that are looking to expand inventory to hold more products but need a designated space for the large amount. Having extra storage in NYC can make an immense difference in how happy you are living here, especially when living in one of the smaller apartment buildings. Size is definitely an issue for people, but it does not have to force you to throw away many of the items you love or want to keep. You can use storage services to keep everything in a temperature controlled, safe environment where you will have access to your belongings at any time. You can make sure that all items are in top condition and ready to take out if you want them. A great thing about storage in NYC is the fact that you can find something that suits your individual needs. Whether you are looking to store something large and important or a small amount of extra items that you do not want to throw away, you can find the storage space that works for you. It will give you the opportunity to utilize storage space fully without making any sacrifices. It is the preferred and the trusted option for anyone in need of extra space. As long as you continue to make the payments, you can have storage in New York City. For businesses, warehousing in NYC is another important service. When your property no longer has space to handle your entire inventory, you need to make the move to something larger and more appropriate. A warehouse is the perfect option thanks to its size and the fact that it is set up specifically for this service. You can use it to store, move, and ship out items in a convenient, efficient manner. Warehouses are set up around the needs of the businesses, which means that you can see some phenomenal results when using one.


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Looking for Manhattan Storage?

When moving around the Manhattan area it is important to choose a trusted and reliable company to assist in you moving and storage needs. There are many Manhattan moving companies that have a stellar track record of high quality service, and some that offer low cost solutions with low quality results. From detail oriented movers to clean and secure storage units, Divine Storage is one of the most trusted and efficient moving and storage companies in the Manhattan and New York City area.   Divine Storage offers storage solutions that range from a single box to an whole household. Client property is stored in a up-to-the-minute facility with round the clock security and climate control to keep belongs safe, secure, and in great condition. The floors are suited for both short and long term storage, and clients can rest easy knowing that their items are being cared for with the best technology available to the field.   Additionally, moving crews are trained in detailed inventory solutions, and every single item going into storage is assigned a unique number so that there is no risk of misplacing or losing anything during a move. There is no need to worry over damages, because the crews are equipped with specific tool, aids, and procedures for moving just about everything.   Divine Storage employs a team of dedicated professionals, with modern trucks and vans to guarantee that they can meet all of their client needs. They pride themselves on handling client possessions with an unrivaled level of care and they can promise that client goods will arrive at their destination in the same condition as they were at the departure point. With their unique and effective approach to moving and storage, they know their clients will be satisfied with the quality of their work.   Relocation specialists offer consultation to every client, so that teams and crews are fully aware of what the client needs. They offer real-time support both online and by phone, and will provide a satisfactory no-cost estimate on each move and storage agreement before they set a date for the appointment. Divine Storage understands the stress that can be involved with a move, whether big or small, and will do all that they can to minimize the hassle.   Finding a Manhattan moving and storage company that is based in New York City is easy, finding one that can be trusted with a history of superb service and secure operations can be tricky. Divine is based in NYC and services Manhattan and all five boroughs. We are licensed, certified and insured. We have over 15 years of quality service under our belt and are considered one of the city’s premier moving companies. With our experience and knowledge, client relocation needs are met and exceed every single time.

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NYC storage – Best Storage Facility Company in New York City

NYC storage is an essential service across the city. Business houses are regularly looking for a good NYC storage company that offers a fine blend of cost effective service and world class operational procedure. Every business comes with different storage and moving condition. For one business line, storage may be a main operation while for other it might be additional or tertiary. Hence, the preference of New York movers is made accordingly. At times, it has been observed that companies look out for in-house moving and storage alternatives. However, this may not work all the time. The reason behind is simple. In an office, there are different types of good, each with a distinctive storage requirement. You need a professional set up to handle all this. This is where NYC movers can help. Hiring a good New York storage company offers the following set of benefits: Professional expertise New York Divine movers bring a professional set up to the table. They provide customers with a committed team of professionals to ensure safety and security of goods while relocating. Like any other professional structure a NYC storage company is also regulated via an organizational structure. We have experts who provide online tracking of the moving process. On the other hand, exclusively trained security men accompany the storage and moving of your goods.. As a client, you can contact this team at any time of the day to get an overview of the moving status. Storage Modules A good NYC storage company provides diverse storage modules. These modules assure that exclusivity of goods in terms of storage and transfer is preserved. Some of these modern day modules include mobile storage, self-storage, on-process moving and more. Business line specific Always expect a reasonable NYC storage company to provide services particular to a specific business line. Some crucial business lines include – construction and general contracting services, retail hospitality, disaster response plus charity, government and military etc. Such diverse service structure ensures that each industry is crafted as per the requirements of its goods. Automatically, timeliness and efficiency factors will be well served. Licensed A moving company should have licenses from the Department of Transport, Federal Highway Association and the Department of Consumer Affairs. Reliable movers have their own fleet of suspension trucks, equipment and highly skilled personnel who can handle both residential and corporate relocation. They offer the full range of services including packing, transport and unpacking. Good movers have a wide range of facilities to store anything from clothes and household items to priceless works of art. There are clean, secure, fireproof and sometimes climate-controlled. In the case of corporate relocation, security and efficiency are very important. Extra care is given to delicate equipment and gadgets. Sensitive documents are transferred in high-security containers. Open-air parking lots are generally used to store cars, but some companies also offer indoor garage facilities. This would naturally involve a higher cost. Surely, these inputs will help you understand vital benefits of opting for NYC Storage Company. Divine Moving and Storage is the leading NYC storage company. For more details and information click above.