When you think about a world-leading hub for business, one of the first places that come to mind is Manhattan. Whether you are looking to become an authority in your respective market or acquire top talent, this is the place to come to. And this is also one of the main reasons why moving your business to Manhattan is such an appealing notion. However, such a relocation has its own set of challenges. But this does not have to be the case if you have the aid of professional commercial movers Manhattan on your side.
If you want to make your dreams happen and be in the place where people will value you for your skills and knowledge, then you've got to move to Manhattan. No place on earth will provide you with so much diversity and opportunities. But, as you will find out, there are many places in Manhattan where you can move to. From SoHo to East Village, and Washington Heights. There are numerous neighborhoods that suit many lifestyles and living expenses. But, the one we feel stands out is the Upper East Side. That is why we are going to tell you why you need to move to Upper East Side.
When it comes to moving with your family it's kinda hard to find the right place, either to buy or rent. There are a lot of things a neighborhood has to have in order to be a good neighborhood for a family. Sure, there is no replacement for good parenting and whether you will do what you can to bring up your child the best you can make all the difference in the world. Now more than ever. But, that doesn't mean that the environment in which you will bring up your child doesn't play a role. With that in mind, we have come up with a quick guide that will help you find the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families. After that, it will be up to you to pick which is the best one.

Only when you start living in NYC will you realize how big it is. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, you can experience many diverse neighborhoods. All of them are special in their own way, and each of them has their style and vibe. And while it can be interesting for a young, single person to move to NYC and explore it, having a family tends to change things. In order to have peace of mind and raise your kids in a normal environment, you need to know which are the NYC neighborhoods for families. But first, you need to be familiar with what makes solely suitable for a family.

With a bird's-eye view of New York like this one, finding NYC neighborhoods for families will be easy.
Finding NYC neighborhoods for families is something that you need to do carefully.

What makes a neighborhood suited for a family

"All happy families look alike, while the unhappy ones are unhappy in their own way." While Tolstoy was quite right when writing this, he failed to mention that the crucial part if what makes a family happy and functioning is the environment. No family can thrive if they are in a wrong neighborhood. Therefore, just as happy families share numerous similarities, all family oriented neighborhoods are similar. Here is how to find one so you can move there with your family.


This is, arguably, the most important aspect that all NYC neighborhoods for families must have. And just like finding full-service movers, you need to know how to look. If your family is not safe you cannot function properly. You need to know that if your child goes out on the street that nothing will happen to it. It is true that no one can foresee the future and that a bolt of lightning can strike at any time. But, that doesn't mean that you should be reckless. When you look for an NYC neighborhood for you to raise your kids in, you need to look at safety first and then look at other things. The safer a neighborhood is the more relaxed you will be.

Keeping your kids safe
Keeping your kids safe should be your number one priority.


Next thing that you need to take into consideration is education. Proper work ethic and education are the best predictors in life success. Therefore, you need to make sure that your child gets the best education possible. Beside safety, there is nothing that is more important than this. Look into which schools are close and consider visiting them. Check out their staff and try to figure out how they teach their kids. If you think that their curriculum is to free and political, stay away. Schools are there to educate our kids about facts, not political ideologies. That is something many schools seem to have forgotten. Therefore, it is your job as a parent to keep in mind.

Other families

Another thing that will have a great impact on your child are its peers. Friends that you child makes during its development will greatly influence how it turns out. Therefore, you need to make sure that your kid is surrounded by good, intelligent people that will help it grow into a capable, honest individual. But, how do you find such people? Simple. Go to NYC neighborhoods where there are a lot of highly educated people. There you will be able to meet them and, which is more important, you will be able to organize play dates. During which your child will be able to meet competent peers that will influence them in positive ways. The more you consider the environment in which your child grows up in as a vital part of its development, the better you will be able to raise them.

Two little girls crossing a wooden bridge in a park.
Kids thrive when they have other kids to play with.

Some of the best NYC neighborhoods for families

Now that you know what makes an NYC neighborhood suited for a family, its time to give you our list of top NYC neighborhoods for families. Keep in mind though that we are solely basing this on numbers and facts. Much more then that is needed to make a valid judgment about something as important as finding a place to live in. What we recommend is that you check out these neighborhoods first before you move there. By doing so you will have a much better idea of what you are getting yourself into than any online guide could tell you.

Spuyten Duyvil

When it comes to top NYC neighborhoods for families, Spuyten Duyvil is a good place to start. Here you will find good schools, nice neighbors, and a safe environment. It is located in Bronx City and it currently has around 10.000 residents living in it.

Murray Hill

Murray Hill has a bit of a different feel to it. Here you can come if you want to have a more family lifestyle, but still want to remain close to the outgoing, young professionals. Most out of 28.000 people in Murray Hill rent their homes. This doesn't mean that you have to, but it will be a bit harder to find a place to purchase at a reasonable price. But, if you do, you will be able to enjoy a safe environment that has a distinctly urban feel to it. Plus, you will share it with many young, liberal, educated professionals.

Prospect Heights

On the other hand, you have Prospect Heights. Here you can find a comparably calmer lifestyle. Keyword being comparable, as you are still living in NYC. And as such, you shouldn't expect to live in a quiet neighborhood, no matter how timid it's residents are. Here you will find good schools, safe streets, and a healthy environment. Numerous young families have moved here over the years, so you should have little trouble with finding a playdate.

Battery Park City

Finally, we come to Battery Park City. Battery Park City is often cited as one of the best NYC neighborhoods for families. And for a good reason. Here you will find awesome schools, great extra curriculum programs, safe streets, and helpful neighbors. People of Battery Park City really like their neighborhood and commit time into making it as good as it can be. Therefore you can easily expect that your child will grow up properly if you decide that Battery Park City is the right place for you.

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When you move, it often seems like the thing you pay the least attention to is your stuff.  Between worrying about your new life, your new expenses, or your new apartment, making sure to delicately transport your armoire seems fairly trivial.  Moving is stressful, but that doesn’t mean that your things should be susceptible to damage in the craziness of it all.  Professional movers know how to protect your things so you don’t have to and have the experience, packing tips, and tricks to make your move as seamless as possible. 

Navigating New York

Moving in New York is tricky.  With apartment building hallways barely wide enough to fit a shopping cart, items like couches and dressers can seem absolutely impossible to get out of the door.  However, if you’re moving items out of your home, it means that they somehow got in to begin with.  As experienced New York City movers, Divine Moving knows how to not only get through tight hallways without bumping and breaking your things, but how to navigate the streets as well.  With so many people and so many cars, driving a moving truck through the city can be difficult.  Quick starts and stops can jostle your things, causing irreversible damage.  We’ve weaved in and out of just about every neighborhood in the city, meaning we’ve got the experience to give your breakables their best possible chance at survival.

Knowing How to Pack

This is absolutely crucial to protecting your belongings during a move.  Anyone can surmise that fragile glass items should be covered in bubble wrap, and that you shouldn’t pile breakables on top of one another without a soft layer separating them, but packing tips go far beyond that.  Our moving company knows how to pack and stack your boxes to ensure optimum security, so you can rest easy and not worry about whether or not your dishes will be in a million pieces bye the time you settle in for dinner at your new place.  For more packing tips, you can check under the “Packing Tips” tab on our website.

Strength and Steadiness

The stronger you are, the more you can carry and the easier you can carry it.  When you’re not physically equipped to do heavy lifting, you run the enormous risk of dropping what you’re trying to transport.  Professional moving companies have the muscle to transport your things carefully and quickly, without dropping, shaking, or losing grip on your belongings. 

Moving is stressful enough, so don’t worry about your stuff getting damaged in the process!  Hire a reliable New York City moving company like Divine Moving and know that your items are safe and sound.


Things to Keep In Mind When Moving to New York

ny moving and stoage

While New York has more immigrants than any other city in the world, it still has its own unique culture, and its population has a pride for their city that few others can compete with. Moving to New York City is exciting because of this cultural pride. There's a constant stream of new immigrants, both foreign and domestic, coming to NYC. What should one remember when moving to New York City?

Moving to New York City can be hectic, but there is a lot more that goes into it beyond just packing up and unloading boxes. There's a certain culture shock that accompanies the process of moving to such a big city, and there are struggles that those who are new to the city may experience. Learning to think and act like a “New Yorker” is one way to make moving to NYC as simple as possible.

Information for Moving to New York

You Now Root for the Yankees

If someone is moving to New York and doesn’t come from a strong baseball town with a rich heritage in baseball, it’s best they know to root for the Yankees now. Sure, the Mets have been good recently, but the Yankees are America’s team and the most storied franchise in the history of the game. Those that come from towns like Boston or Chicago will want to continue to cheer for their respective teams, but a true New Yorker would is for the Yankees. Those who are moving to NYC can go ahead and pickup a Jeter jersey.

It’s Okay to Eat at a Food Truck

NYC is full of food trucks. These mobile food machines are the ideal solution to the busy lifestyle that New Yorkers live each and every day. There's nothing like mobile food cooking stations with delicious food from Italian to Mexican to American food. All sorts of delicious food comes in these food trucks. Those who live in cities where food trucks are not prevalent may be unaccustomed to this idea. But rest assured, these mobile kitchens need to have the proper certifications to operate in the great city of New York City. Those moving to New York can use the helpful Food Truck Finder.

Take Advantage of Central Park

Sure, it’s winter and there’s snow everywhere. But soon the snow will melt and the grass will be green. That’s when it’s time to take advantage of Central Park. When moving in or around New York City, depending on the location of an apartment, it could be very difficult to find proper fields and grasses for walking dogs or going on runs. Central Park is even home to groups of people that like to tan there during the summer time. The good news is that this park is available to all New Yorkers to experience on a daily basis, if they so wish.

Use a Proper Moving Service

Sure, New Yorkers have a sense of independence that other citizens may not quite have. But they know when to ask for help. Moving in New York City is a nightmare without the proper assistance. When the time comes for someone to move in this great city the best option is hiring a professional.

Divine Moving has been moving people in NYC since the year 2000. New Yorkers turn to this NYC moving company when they need their belongings moved safely and securely. Divine Storage is also a solution for those in New York who are looking to have more storage space to store their valuables or extra things! Get in touch with Divine Moving today at 866-668-7666!

Top 7 Reasons to Move to New York City

It’s always a great time of year to move to New York City. As one of the greatest cities in the world, it’s no wonder so many people live here. With the most booming businesses and industries in the western hemisphere, some of the greatest sports teams, and the most exciting people to find anywhere, it’s arguably one of the greatest cities in the world. So what makes New York City so great? Why do Americans continue to flock to Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs? Those are great questions. As a moving company in New York, Divine Moving is fascinated by the love America has for the Big Apple, and also quite proud to be a mover in the area.

Reasons to Move to NYC

  1. Top-Tier Colleges

New York is home to some of the best colleges in the world. Ivy-League Columbia University in Manhattan boasts a highly competitive law school as well as an undergraduate engineering program that is excellent as well. New York University (NYU) is known for its art-related majors such as drama, music, and theatre. The community of New York gives the arts students at NYU a great environment to learn about these subjects. In upstate New York at Syracuse, The Orange are leading the way as one of the top universities. Also, right down the road in New Jersey are Rutgers University and Princeton University, another Ivy League school. Rutgers has boated a powerful football program the past few years, and Princeton’s campus is one of a kind and one of the most beautiful schools in the country. With colleges like in the area it’s no wonder so much college students are coming to New York City and New Jersey.
  1. Top-Businesses

Google has an office in New York City the length of an entire city block. But they aren’t the only business that is in New York, and many others are even headquartered here. Virgin Media, Verizon, J.P. Morgan Chase, and many other top businesses make their home here in New York, making it a great place for those in the job market to come in search of work.
  1. The Yankees

Moving to New York City has many perks, the best of which is possibly the love The City has for the most historical of its two baseball teams, the New York Yankees. If you don’t love baseball before moving to New York, you’re bound to learn to during your stay here.
  1. The Bagels

This is not a joke. The bagels in New York are especially good, partially because of the water here in the city that is used in preparing the dough. But the number one reason the bagels here are so good is that they are boiled before they’re baked, the equivalent to flash-frying a steak before grilling it. After living in New York, a bagel isn’t the same when tried somewhere else.
  1. Times Square

A landmark recognizable around the world, Times Square is not just an intersection in Manhattan. It’s the face of the media-side of New York City. Known for its shopping venues, bright lights, and shows, Times Square is a tourist destination but it’s also part of what makes NYC so spectacular
  1. Broadway

Part of what makes going on a date in NYC so special is the amount of shows and restaurants that are available. The best of which are going to be on Broadway, where some of the best theatrical productions in the world are put on display. Seeing a show on Broadway is on the bucket list of many Americans, and living in New York makes it that much easier to enjoy.
  1. Central Park

These last 3 reasons may feel like tourist attractions, but part of what makes being a New Yorker so great is the ability to enjoy these landmarks on a regular basis. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States, and is also one of the most filmed locations in the world. It sits on an astonishing 843 acres, and is a big part of what makes New York so beautiful. There are many other reasons to enjoy living here in New York City, like the world’s best skyline and some of the best people in the world. When moving in New York City, book a day with Divine Moving, the experts at moving here in “The City.” move to new york city  

No one in NYC has time for the hassle of moving. If you want everything taken care of for you New York City move call Divine for a quick, stress-free, and easy move. We pack you up and move you into your new home in a New York minute. That way you can get back to what’s important: Living your life! For a quick move to new york city, call Divine. Divine Moving & Storage is moving in a flash!