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Why do you need Divine Moving? Here are the pros to consider when you decided to seek moving services:


Our offices and warehouses in New York are easy to reach. We are willing to move and store your things in a safer manner anywhere in Manhattan and in the vicinity of New York City.


We are empowered with state-of-the-art-facility that offers 24-hour security services. The facility is composed of different alarms including theft, fire and smoke. We have also high-quality motion detector and video surveillance. We can store your things within short or long period as they will be ensured with clean and temperature-environment controlled.

New York-Style Storage

Divine Moving has storage rooms especially built-in for New York apartments. Our NYC Movers will take a detailed inventory of your things upon the arrival. This is helpful to ensure the safety and security of your things.

Full-service rendered

This only means that we can accommodate picking-up and moving your packed boxes. We also offer free consultation to guide you in determining the easiest and reasonable cost to move things.

Satisfactorily service

If you want to ensure full satisfaction with the moving services, Divine Moving and Storage is what you are looking for. Our main goals are to provide affordable, superior and hassle-free moving experience.
If you are looking for a moving company that is worth paying for, Than Divine Moving and Storage is a better option. Our company is guaranteed to be surrounded with professional and competent NYC Movers.


We will give you a hand moving
let us give you a hand and move you to your new apartment
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Are you looking for a reliable and trusted moving company in New York City?

Fortunately, there are several NYC movers that offer moving services. They can also be trusted with their safe, trustworthy and hassle-free storage. Most of the NYC movers are known with their unbeatable relocation services. Their incomparable moving and storage services are their pride to be one of the clients’ top choices. If you are looking for a better moving company in New York City, one of the most recommended companies is Divine Moving and Storage. We are one of the New York’s finest moving companies due to our incomparable services in moving several belongings and better relocation consultations to make sure that each of your New York moving and safe storage is fully manifested.

Special services we can offer?


The company promises to take you out from stress. We are surrounded with great teams with licensed and insured NYC Movers.  Our movers are professionally trained to handle your belongings with the supreme care and precision.



We believe that there is no big or small in New York moving service. We can move your office supplies while keeping your business on the run. The company can safely bring your things in your new location.



Divine Moving and Storage is well-equipped with the newest storage solutions to accommodate your storage concerns. We offer 24-hour security service and environmentally controlled to ensure the safety and security of your important things.



As one of the most trusted and most recommended New York’s moving companies, we ensure to provide unified transition from your previous location going to your new place.

Finding a moving company in New York Made Made Easy: There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine Way. Call today for the easiest move in the 5 boroughs.

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Divine Moving and storage in NYC
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If you’re moving to New York City or relocating within the city, then you’d best make sure you get some professional movers to help you out. You might not realize it now, but you’ll need to make quite a few trips if you’re not aptly equipped to handle huge loads of personal belongings – trips which can cost you a lot more than if you were to hire professional NYC movers. What’s more, you also need to take storage into account – a service which is included in professional mover services.


Award winning movers
Divine Moving awarded the talk to the town award for best NYC Movers

How Can NYC Movers Help?

So you’re about to move; everything’s paced and ready to be taken to a new location. Employing the services of professional NYC movers, you’ll have the assurance that your belongings will be transported to the new location with the utmost care and precision. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on other details and you’ll be spared the additional stress which comes with relocating.

Some of your old stuff you might want stored away instead of directly getting it into your new home, so you’ll also have the advantage of storage facilities which are climate-controlled. They also offer protection and guarantee the safety of your belongings stored away.

Professional NYC movers will always take your instructions into account: they’ll consult with you and offer you the best, cost-effective solution to your needs. They can handle residential and even commercial moving, so ask for a free quote on their services, based on your needs. What’s more, moving supplies are pretty hard to get by, so you’ll be happy to learn that NYC movers will come fully equipped with all you need to properly and safely move your stuff in the shortest time possible.

So contact NYC movers today and rest easy knowing that your moving will be a seamless, affordable and time-efficient endeavor you won’t even have to worry about! 212-244-4011

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